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Wisconsin-Madison at the University of the development of computer chips things generally by design sorted by combining the future computers more efficient and powerful to make could.

and the other with the chips efficiently communicate – Jing Li, UW-Madison electrical and Computer Engineering of assistant professor, complex calculations to perform and the same integrated unit within the information of the huge amount of storage can be configured computer chips creates. She them “liquid silicon“ as mentioned.

“liquid software and silicon hardware means. It is a cooperative software / hardware technique,“ Li said. “You have a box in a supercomputer to have if you want. We face or voice recognition, natural language processing, and graph Analytics, including a very interesting and data-intensive applications, very targeted, if you want.“

processor of high speed number-the crunching and modern computers have large storage memory data warehousing in general hardware are two completely different types of fall.

multi-duty-computer-chips-bridge-gap-computation-storage multi-duty-computer-chips-bridge-gap-computation-storage-1

“music computers memory and processor among the data need to move, when a huge deterrent,“ Li said. “We have computation and storage to bridge the gap between a unified hardware architecture.“

The processor and memory chips usually isolate the various manufacturing factories, then computers and smartphones to make printed circuit boards system engineers assembled together built. A different, simple activities which means that searches like, to accomplish the many steps required: then, sending the first data from the memory to fetch that data to all processor core deep storage hierarchy by the way.

multi-duty-computer-chips-bridge-gap-computation-storage-3 multi-duty-computer-chips-bridge-gap-computation-storage-4

In contrast to chips Li and macro 3D integration, developing on the solid-state memory array is silicon and the semiconductor wiring metal – of the step to connect using the dense embedding of memory, computation and communication on the same device using the layered design of the said-to-metal links. A system’s end users will be able to configure the devices to allocate memory or more or less resources accountable, depending on the types of applications which need to run.

“it is dynamic and flexible,“ Li said. “We really because it includes a lot of options. But our hardware proper optimization someone greater flexibility offer can take advantage of. He complex may be worried. “

The new chip’s ability to people, the leading programming languages of the chip of machine code compilation of Lee Indian group to help control The also development software can translate.

“I have something for you by the hand and said, very difficult ‘this supercomputer in a box,’ you are the programming interface may be able to use it,“ Li said. “You can program terms binary zero and ones, people can not imagine. It will be very painful. “
her capture software thanks to the programmers applications the port will not be able to directly to the hardware of the new type in their coding switch with without.

the pattern of liquid silicon chips, the performance of the examine, Lee and her students as they built from scratch an automated testing system set up. The platform is also very modern industry test than the reliability issues, good exposure, and multiple companies for evaluation of their chips sent.

that UW-Madison at like modern infrastructure, more than half the computer chips Customer Price for the accounts test liquid silicon chips, which will bring help and future research to facilitate a given.

“We have our platform with device-level, circuit level and system level testing of all kinds can be,“ Li said. “Our company partners with our test system for automatically testing engineer overall job told us.“

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