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Hi all!

I know a lot of you have finished your GCSEs today so just wanted to say a massive well done!!

You've honestly been the most wonderful class I could ask for. Thank you so much for all your hard work, kindness and commitment. It's been a pleasure to teach you all over the past two years. I'll miss our class a lot!

If you're moving on to other things, I wish you all the best of luck. For those who are staying, I will see you in September (and graduation before actually).

Thank you :)

Mr O'Kelly

Hi everyone :) Below are tips for tomorrow's Language Paper 2. Please like so I can see you've read them and share with others. Remember, you need to know the timings and the skills required for each question.

Start: 10 mins reading the 2 sources (both non-fiction)

Q1: True/False: 5 Mins

- read the question carefully
- make sure your responses relate to the lines given (e.g. Lines 1-12). Draw a line under the final line if needs be.
- Remember too that the source doesn't include the info boxes at the top. Check where line 1 is.

Q2: Summary of the differences: 10 Mins

- Key skill is INFERENCE
- You need to make 2 inferences from each text - this is vital
- use words like whereas, however, although
- explain the differences... this is where the marks are

Q3: How does the writer use language too...?: 13 Mins

- Key skill here is analysis
- You need to explore 3 examples of language
- use subject terminology

Q4: Compare how the writers convey their different ideas/perspectives: 22 Mins

- key word here is convey (show)
- you need to know the writers different viewpoints (how they feel about what the experiences they write about) and then compare how they SHOW them - so the
emphasise is on writer's methods (language/structure)
- Again, you need to write 2 ideas for each text and the emphasis is on the comparison (this is different/similar because...)

Q5: Writing to argue/persuade: 45 Minutes

- remember to meet the audience and purpose (if it's a letter start with dear and end with yours faithfully for example. If it's a newspaper article, have a headline)
- use impressive vocab
- structure for effect - again a link between start and end can be effective

I hope that all helps. Please do like and share.

Last one to go! Well done for all your hard work over the exam period. You're all doing fantastically and should be very proud of yourselves. Only a bit further to go.

See you tomorrow!

Mr O'Kelly

Hi all! Hope you had a wonderful half term!

Language Paper 1 tomorrow! That's the fiction paper with one source.

Remember, key things: know the TIMINGS and the SKILLS required for each question. Use the TIP SHEETS that are attached on here. They are the best resource I can give you. READ them all. Know the techniques too... remember subject terminology!!

As a reminder:

5 mins reading the source.

Q1: 5 MINS: List 4 things - read this carefully and make sure you take your info from the lines given ( the box at the top of the page will give you a bit of context... that's not officially part of the source... look for where line 1 is!) Remember too here that this question is really simple... you don't need to make inferences just literally list 4 things you learn. Your 4 things must be about the given topic too.. don't stray!

Q2: 12 MINS: How does the writer use language to describe...? - you need to talk about 3 things! But it doesn't need to be 3 SQUADS. Remember the SQUAD blending that we looked at. Use subject terminology... find the metaphors/similes etc. Use CONNOTATIONS. Choose the things you find most interesting!

Q3: 12 MINS: How does the writer use structure to engage the reader? - Again, 3 things! Look at the first and last lines. Consider the order of events and how the focus shifts. Forget 'engage the reader'... you don't need to mention this.. the question just wants you to talk about how the use of structure is effective.

Q4: 26 MINS: To what extent do you agree with the statement? - THIS IS WHERE THE MARKS ARE. You MUST answer this one. Again, you need 3 ideas for either language and/or structure. The statement will give you your focus but you need to make sure you are analysing IN DETAIL.

Q5: 45 MINS: CREATIVE WRITING - This is worth HALF THE MARKS. You must do this well but you also MUSTNT go over 45 mins! Remember to link the end to the start. Use devices. Keep the story simple.

It's so important to remember that the marks for this paper are really in Q4 and 5. Start with Q5 if you need to. You must answer every question and stick to the TIMINGS.

Our Wednesday lesson will run periods 1 and 2 as normal.

Could you please like this post so that I can see that you've read it? I don't know if you get notifications for this or not but I really want everyone to read it so if you could direct people to this post than that would be appreciated.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Mr O'Kelly :)

Well done for today!

Our lesson period 1 and 2 will run as normal. It's optional but it would be great to see you all.

It will be on language paper 2. Remember that's quite a tricky one


Well done guys! :D


- Remember that your focus is ANALYSIS not explanation of the story
- You need to be looking at individual words and their CONNOTATIONS, always using SUBJECT TERMINOLOGY
- You're exploring the WRITER'S METHODS - how their ideas are crafted by the writer
- Make sure all your ideas are SUPPORTED WITH EVIDENCE - avoid generalisations and unsupported speculation - be SPECIFIC
- Linking to above, don't ever assume the examiner interprets the characters or text in the same way as you. If you sympathise with a character, you need to explain why, don't just assume the examiner does too. Even if it seems obvious.
- Remember to talk about CONTEXT

You MUST revise and you MUST learn the quotes. Try to revise as much as you can this weekend, whilst also taking breaks and importantly, eating well and getting good sleep.

You're all going to do a great job. Almost there and then you can have a very well-deserved long summer!

Good luck!!

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These were some of the few "six hundred" who survived what happened in the charge of the light brigade, Good for context to be perceptive

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"Mat to front of them, Mat to left of them, Mat to right of them"

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