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Guardians are small beings of light, arbiters of its most concentrated source. Each Guardian is created from a single, powerful ideal, an ideal so strong that it radiates light and a Guardian comes to be. These ideals include Justice, faith, hope, bravery, love and many others that bring light. If a warrior becomes linked to a guardian, their very souls are connected. Guardians will protect them from the darkness, will heal their wounds, give them energy when they are tired and can sense the emotions of all those around them, including those with evil Intent.

However not all guardians are born from light. Opposed to the ideals that create guardians are the negative ideals... Vengeance, anger, hatred, jealousy, desire. These negatives will lead to the creation of a wraith, similar to a guardian but made of pure darkness. This makes them the sworn enemy of guardians and these small creatures will usually bond to criminals and the forces of darkness.


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Name: Aria Bellonova

Age: 32 

Gender: Female 

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Guardian: None 

Race: Human 

Weapon: Zenkentsu, A nasty swordstaff that had taken millions of lives over the years and had been used in almost every major war. 

Magic spells: None

Armor: She wears tight blue leather armor so that it doesn't limit her mobility in combat. 

Likes: She loves fighting and being in control of what's going on around her.

Dislikes: Being weak or powerless to change a situation. 

Bio: Unknown, a year ago she has struck hard over the head during a battle and woke up with amnesia.

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Name: Luca

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Human

Species: None

Appearance: 6' 2" tall with a lithe, athletic build and a rather beautiful, wild appearance. She has pale skin and pitch black hair along with grey, steely eyes. Luca has several clawmarks scars across her lower back from fights with her brothers and sisters.

Personality: Mistrustful, curious, tough, witty.


Windlance- Windlance is the name of her spear, a weapon that she made herself. The blade is fashioned in a very unique way that allows it to pierce even the thickest hide and a hooked blade means it cannot be pulled out without major damage. The haft is made of the bark of an ancient tree and is as strong as metal, though much lighter.

Claw- Claw is a longsword that was gifted to her by a knight who had been lost in the swamps. She helped him fight off a group of deep spiders but he was poisoned in the process and died shortly after.

Magic spells:

Call brother- Using a special, unique language Luca can call upon her brother, a giant panther to come to her aid during battle.

Natural order- Using the same language, Luca can will the roots of the trees go bind opponents, allowing her to escape or strike.

Armour: A rather makeshift set that could be seen as "Revealing" but is in fact a lot of clothing for a girl who grew up with animals. She has leather leggings and a leather coat with matching gauntlets and on top of this she has steel pauldrons on her shoulders. A cloth hood finishes the outfit.

Likes: Her siblings, scouting, the quiet, hunting.

Dislikes: Cruelty, fire, evil.

Bio: It is unknown who Luca's parents were. One day a woman ran into the forest wearing a noble dress and carrying a baby girl. Upon hearing the sounds of armoured footsteps behind her the woman hid the baby in some bushes and was dragged away by the unknown pursuers. For a while the baby was left there until she was found again... But not by a human. A pregnant giant panther found the girl and took her in, bringing her back to the den. When her cubs were born they were all raised together to know the panther as mother and though she was different, the cubs all knew her as their sister. Because she couldn't create the panthers roars and growls, she learnt an ancient dialogue that allows communication with the forest, allowing her to speak to and understand animals. As she grew she began to learn more about humanity, about the good and evil of it all. She fashioned a spear to make up for her lack of claws and fangs and used her brother Lyvis as a mount, a role he greatly enjoyed as they were the closest siblings. To this day she remains in the ents forest, watching over the den and the other animals to protect them and hoping that the wars of the other races don't reach her home.

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Name: The dark queen

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Dark monarch

Appearance: The appearance of the queen varies widely. To most she appears a towering, terrifying figure wearing a dress of bones with a skeletal face and dreadlock like hair that moves halfway down her back. Because she is made of darkness, her other forms are hard to say, but one of them is believed to be a young woman with pale skin, dark eyes and hair as black as the void. She is deadly in either case.

Personality: Cold, ruthless, sarcastic, sadistic.

Weapon: A huge scythe made from bone. This extremely dark weapon draws upon the dark to deal devastating attacks capable of obliterating all but the strongest light.

Armours: Her long flowing bone dress is incredibly tough


Extinguish- Surrounds the area in pure darkness which powers up Wraiths and weakens guardians. The weak will fall to this and become enthralled by her.

Dark slash- A swing if her scythe that sends a dark shockwave towards foes, capable of shearing through rock.

Teleport- The queen can jump between areas of shadow quite quickly making her surprisingly fast for her size.

Seekers- A flurry of tortured souls that seek out the light, attacking guardians and their partners relentlessly.

Likes: Darkness, meat, slaves, torture, pain, suffering, Wraiths, strength.

Dislikes: Light, guardians and their partners, disobedience (Though that means she gets to punish them), nightmares.

Bio: It is unknown how the queen came to exist. Some believe that she was created when the first light from the sun cast the very first shadow. Regardless she is one of the oldest beings in the realm... And one of the most powerful. Her realm is that if darkness and sin, of carnal pleasures and pain. Light has no place in her heart and she takes delight in the enslavement of mortals. Some she keeps as pets and servants while other are fed to her various monsters. She especially loves seeing them being eaten alive, hearing their muffled cries from within. The aim of the queen is simple... To extinguish the light and bring the world under her dark, terrible rule. She sends out Wraiths and monsters to find guardians and their partners, to have them captured and brought back to her hall decorated with slaves. There she will make a feast of the guardians and slaves of their partners... For they dared to stand against the dark.
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Name: Ori

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Guardians

Ideal: Strength

Element: Fire

Class: Tracker

Appearance: Quite small and somewhat monkey like in her appearance. She is roughly 1.5 feet tall at full height and has a constant silvery glow about her. Her legs are double jointed (Think of a dogs hindlegs) and she has paws but no thumbs. To make up for this she has a prehensile tail. Her ears are very large and sensitive for hearing and the two appendages between them attune her to the emotions of those around her.

Personality: Playful, inquisitive, loyal, curious.

Weapons: Ori is not at all strong physically, relying instead on her considerable agility to escape from foes. However she is able to create a "Spirit orb" to protect her. This glowing ball produces flames which can be shot at nearby enemies.

Armour: None

Likes: Climbing trees, running, the forest, having fun, learning new things, strength.

Dislikes: Death, pain, cruelty, destruction of the forest.

Adventurer: Soon to be found.

Bio: Ori was created from strength, one of the most powerful ideals. Strength doesn't mean how much a person can lift or how hard they can punch... Strength is a measure of character, what they can do and achieve. The ability to know when to fight and when to walk away. From this Ori appeared, a fire guardian and immediately she sensed her partner. Using her senses she now heads towards her soul partner, only knowing his strength... The strength that created her.


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Name: Aqius

Age: 19

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Siren

Appearance: On land Aqius takes the form of an extremely beautiful woman with smooth, pale skin, a perfect body and silky black hair. A guise perfect for drawing in men and women alive. In the water however her true form is revealed... A giant water serpent. She is huge and serpentine with a draconic head, scales, spikes and sharp fangs. Her eyes glow white and fins move down her back. Beneath her two large tentacles flow from her belly.

Personality: Lustful, Playful, seductive.

Weapons: In human form her only only weapon is her charm and magic.

Armour: Tough scales as serpent.


Scald- Able to create a jet of burning hot water from her palm, capable of causing serious burns.

Charm- Her most powerful and dangerous ability. Aqius dances and sings beautifully, charming all those around her. People affected by this find it hard to focus, attacking becomes impossible and they can only stare, wide eyed at the beautiful spectacle before them. This affects those with a low amount of willpower.

Transform- Turns into her serpent form, this works even on land.

Likes: Dancing, devouring victims, singing, water, being complemented.

Dislikes: Monster hunters, demons, being insulted.

Bio: Aqius is a siren, a monster that inhabits lakes and coastlines. These tricky creatures take the form of beautiful women, dancing and singing to entice men and women alike. Sometimes the siren will use them to pleasure herself... Then she will show her true form and swallow them whole, leaving them to digest in her stomach. When not hunting she sleeps on the lake bed, enjoying the squirming of her prey who are kept alive in a special chamber of her stomach designed to keep food until she wishes to digest it.

Aqius herself resides in a large lake. Fisherman report a beautiful woman lounging on a rock... But then they look back she is gone. Though from the numerous disappearances of men and woman from the local areas, a trained hunter would recognise a siren.
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