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With the Kickstarter for #Legacy2e coming soon I’ve been thinking about stretch goals. I want the core game to be mostly done by the time I launch the Kickstarter, so I don’t want stretch goals to add bells and whistles to the book.

Instead, I’m opening it up to others. The main reason I got interested in doing more with Legacy is that +Douglas Santana brought me a great new idea with Mirrors in the Ruins - I’m very excited to see what other people might do with the framework! Please do get in touch if you'd be at all interested.

Here's my breakdown of what Legacy offers, and where you might be interested in taking it:

What’re the core themes of Legacy?

Scale. Each player controls a broader family as well as characters. Action happens on a family scale of hundreds of people and months of work as well as a character scale of individuals taking action over minutes or hours.

Ages. You spend limited time at a particular point in history, using your character as a lens to highlight a particular aspect of your family. Between these ages, there are moves to guide how your family evolves or suffers and how the world changes.

The world. The players build up a map of the world that informs how dangerous travel can be, what threats and resources are out there, and how the different families and factions interact with each other.

History. As you play you make permanent changes to the world and see the unexpected results of previous actions. You can draw on the power of previous characters, create giant mega-projects that redefine the world, and build the world’s saga together.

What are the assumptions of Legacy that you might want to break?

Post-apocalyptic: Legacy takes place after a reality-twisting apocalypse, with survivors finding a way to adapt to the new world. Maybe you want to set a hack in a world that hasn’t crashed - a near-future cyberpunk world? Or maybe you want to tell the story of colonists on an alien world, still removed from their support but not due to a cataclysm.

A golden age: The World Before had all sorts of strange technology. As you play you’ll find marvels among the ruins you can draw great power from. In your hack, maybe the marvels are created by the characters - the dawn of civilisation, with players inventing farming, medicine and magic?

Multi-generation play: Legacy assumes significant time passes between ages - there a few generations or more. In a different context, though, significant time could only be a few months or years. Maybe you’d like to make a hack set during a military campaign like Night Witches, with time skips moving the front towards its eventual conclusion?

Tense relationships between families: By default, the families are competing for scarce resources, with peace maintained by a web of obligations and treaties. Maybe you want to see what happens when families are more closely allied? Or maybe you want to put them more directly at each other’s throats?

How to get started:

If you have ideas, get in touch and we can start talking through the details. If we're both excited to move forward with it, I'll put it on the list of stretch goals. Assuming the goal's hit, I will offer you feedback, talk through ideas, cheerlead you and give you layout, editing and an art budget.

Once it’s done we’ll sell the game as its own pdf splitting revenue 50/50. You'll have full rights to give it away, hack it further, and do whatever you want with it, so long as you credit Legacy according to a creative commons attribution-share alike license.

Playtest Report - Legacy Vix, chapter II

The Enclave sent Agent Akikev, a Seeker
The Lawgivers's Trevor is a Rebel Survivor.
The Cultivators proudly sent Aneela, their Leader Hunter.
The Merchants face is Arella, an Elder Agent.

There was still time to do the character Backtory, developing the Councilor's as this Age's main antagonist. We narrated the occasion where Aneela and Trevor confronted Lopak in Deepwater's precarious overboard structures, meeting and saving Akikev in the process. It all ended with the classical 'dive to certain death among debris' for our favorite villain!

Overall Plot:
1) The Councillor Lopak mad quest for technology...
2) And the weirdness breeding pit of the Zone are certainly tied.
3) The ecological collapse caught my eye, and it may end up as the chronicle's guiding force.
4) Haven and its inhabitants are also danggling with bells in front of us. I intend to set the pace here and if they skip a beat, they might lose this specific Front altogether.

The Age will be ripe for turning once Fronts 1 and 2 is somehow resolved. I intend to push for a intimate integration between Families, in order to give them more common grounds. I just have some inkings on how to do this.

Adventure Plot:
Lets check the Roles hooks
Akikev is looking for a sollution to alleviate the Parssons plight. Aneela can declare a blood hunt upon a family enemy. Arella will advise younger leaders in matters they dont fully comprehend. And Trevor will turn against his Family whenthey behave not unlike the savage evil nobodies that dot the Homeland.

So, mixing it all with Backstory and Treaties it came to me a tale of a manhunt for Councillor Lopek and its consequences.

What kind of weird effect did he manage to harness from the Zone and weaponize ?
How much collateral damage is acceptable to catch him?
Will his followers see any kind of mercy?
What kind of justice will he receive when he is captured?
Will his findings be saved and used to contain the Zone spread?

A few other side questions
How are the Owls descending into barbarism?
How brutal will the Black Tower become as hysteria piles up?
How can the Parssons defend themselves?
How can Cerberus survive as the Warren falls apart into barbarism?

Takeaways from the playtest so far:
1) The brand new Role engine is this playtest's focus. And right away it made the Landmarks Threat session obsolete with its combination of motivations and triggers.
2) We need to Expand the Armor Tag collection to match Arsenal
3) Intel received some flak for not being immediately useful for a character, since it depends on Data.
4) On the Playbooks titles and subtitles need a starker distinction in order to avoid confusion
5) Gear is too dependent on the Family
6) The new art is gorgeous

So far, so good!

Playtest Report - Legacy Vix

Presential table with quite a mixed group: Attila (literature professor, 3 Legacy sessions), Sérgio (lawyer and former cop, 10ish Legacy sessions), Thalles (portuguese teacher and drummer extraordinare, new to the system) and Tato (art director for a marketing company, new to the system).

Step 1: Broad Strokes

I usually skip this whole session and pretty much described the game premise to the new players. My advise for them was to let ideas flow in organic fashion and follow playbooks instructions and all would be ok.

Step 2: Family

The Families are where our scenario would be drawn and our background history told.

Sérgio picked the Lawgivers (first option was the Starfarers, but they were not ready)
Attila picked the Enclave (again!)
Tato picked the Merchants.
Thalles picked the Cultivators.

:-) I rewrote the Sworn Hunters and presented to them as an option. At first there was almost a fight about who would get it, then nobody got it, then a new fight so no one would get them. People loved the concept, but nobody wanted to have to deal with the Behemoth - my fault, i keep calling them Kaiju :-)

:-/ The more experienced players discouraged anyone from picking the Tyrants, claiming it to be a “difficult Family to play with” :-/

Family values

The first part of Family creation is picking stats. Depending on the stat array you choose, you’ll make certain statements about the world.

In turn…

Thalles told us that much of the natural world survived the Fall intact.
Tato told us the Fall was a gradual and grinding event.
Attila tolds us the Fall unleashed many new technologies.
Sérgio tolds us that only law and order saved Mankind from extinction.

So, good chances we are on Earth and the technological level from Before can be a mystery, since it was rendered obsolete by the technologies discovered during the long grinding Fall. The landscape is wild and ruins were reclaimed by nature.

Next, each Family has options for Traditions – who’s in your family, how they relate to each other and what their style is.

The Merchants are the middlemen between a redoubt of priviliged people and the teeming masses at the gates. They look and behave like nobles of old.

The Lawgivers are guided by christian-judaic laws (Commandments?) and function like a recruiting secret society of vigilantes.

The Enclave... pheeww... are a monastic order lead by the gestalt mind of their council. They research and hunt down whatever Fall Tech they can get.

The Cultivators renounced the world before the Fall and prepared to survive it and to emerge in the aftermath to nurture mankind. Really "primitive".

Drawing the map

Next comes Landmarks. Each playbook has options to add to the homeland map so that you build the initial setting together. Here my on the fly teaching style got the best of the group (or it was the booze) and they had difficulties building upon their colleagues ideas in an organic fashion.

Tato with the Merchants added:

Center: The Warren where hundreds of thousands of people's flight for safety came to an end. A sprawling mess of vehicles and tents that slwoly became a shantytown
North Center: The Haven is nested in a deep valley. It guards the last redoubt of the priviliged, sheltered from the Fall and secluded from the world.

Sérgio with the Lawgivers added:

South: Deepwater, an oil rig right off the coast that houses a lawless settlement
South to East: The Shore, littered by the carcass of hundreds of vessels, also a corresponding stretch of polluted / irradiated land along the shore

Attila with the Enclave added:

North East: Skywatch mountains and settlement, where a scientific outpost was once built around an observatory
East Center: The Zone of twisted laws of physics, an expanding area inimical do all life.

Thalles with the Cultivators added:

South East: The Grey Wood, a vast forest, calcinated and killed by whatever was unleashed from The Plant
Further South East: The Plant is a huge factory / scientific compund, isolated from the world, where the Fall once started.

The Threats were more organic and we came back a lot to it when distributing Treaties. Summarizing, the ecosystem is breaking down: massive drought, infertile livestock, sterile seas. Obviously, panic among survivors has been listed as a definite Threat. But also, there is a certain rogue Councillor Lopac from The Enclave, which became the Age villain after hounding the Merchants... we came back a lot to him during Characters Backstory.

Making history

The Family History section was next, with everyone working out what obligations each Family owed each other.

The Cultivators rely on the Lawgivers to provide protection.
The Enclave thinks the Lawgivers have the greatest minds of the homeland.
The greatest criminal of the Wasteland came from the Enclave, and led a band of raiders, the Smillers, on a raid on the Warren, victimizing the Merchants.
The Lawgivers saved the Merchants from extinction at the hands of the Smillers .
Doctrine and Lifestyle

Each Family had two choices: one move based on their personal philosophy, and one based on their distribution across the homeland:

The Enclave are settled in Skywatch, holding back another Fall.
The Lawgivers roam around as righteous vigilantes.
The Cultivators slowly drift from the natural world in the Clearing farms.
The Merchants are the new nobility of the Warren.

Resources and Moves

Finally, we get to the resources each family can bring to bear.

The Enclave, named The Parssons, have a surplus in Culture and Knowledge, but need Recruits, Leadership and Defences. They have deep knowledge of the monsters unleahsed by the Fallt’, and medical treatments able to heal any artifice (based on the evevntual sacrifice for dissassembling).

The Lawgivers, aka The Black Towers, have a surplus of Weaponry and Transport but need Leadership, Defences and Recruits. They’re committed to persecuting those beyond the reacj of the law and are fanatically against raping or any sort and can brandish their authority to recruit a gang of locals to fight at their side.

The Cultivators, aka Owls, have a surplus of Medicine and Land but need Culture, Trade Goods and Progress . They can sacrifice progress, land or trade to make drugs, crops or livestock, and can genetically engineer themselves over the ages.

The Merchants, aka Cerberus, have a surplus of recruits and culture but need Medicine, Barter Goods and Contacts. They have a stock in trade of Food and Art and they’re skilled at assessing the worth of things they find.

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It's taking shape!!
And still there is so much more to come :-)
Version 1.2 of #Legacy2e is now up on the UFO Press patreon!
This release has a ton of new stuff over the previous one. Besides the gorgeous art running through the whole document, we have:
- Simplified basic moves for Families.
- Fleshed out Gear of all kinds.
- Added a 7th Family - The Order of Sworn Hunters, who manage, shepherd and hunt down the colossal beasts of the wasteland.
- Added advice and examples of play for most of the core moves, with more yet to come.
- Adjusted game setup to better reflect just how much family landmarks and character roles can do the heavy lifting in making and interesting situation.
- And more!

Patrons can get immediate access by following this link or you can wait 5 days for it to be opened to the public.

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The first playtest for #Legacy2e has begun! Here's the world we built.

Beginning the playtest As it turns out Roll20 is pretty flaky, so I didn’t get to record the world creation setting. Ah well. The group was me plus five others: Ed, Ellie, Laurence, Stephen and Hijos. Step 1: Broad Strokes We discussed what sort of world…

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I've posted the first batch of playtest material for Legacy's 2nd Edition! This includes rewritten family playbooks, almost completely redone basic moves, and a whole new Character Role system to guide your character's effect on their family - and the family's effect on them.

Please give it a look and let me know what you think!

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I talk through your character's role within their family in today's design diary.

The relationship between your family and your character is Legacy’s big unique thing, but it’s distinct enough from the standard mode of RPGs that it could do with more support than 1e provided. One of my priorities with the 2nd edition is to provide you…

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We're planning on releasing the first playtest/preview documents for Legacy 2e very soon. These will be pretty barebones - we want to test that the new basic moves work before going overboard with writing and laying out playbooks.

The plan's to include the 5 original Families and 5 characters - but which ones?

Vote for the playbooks you'd like to see here!

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Playtest documents coming very soon!

edit: they're out! Grab them here:
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