Question about Family Moves:

When using the Hold Together or Conduct Diplomacy move, you can end up giving 1 Treaty to another Family/Faction who helped you out. Can this Treaty be given to the same Family/Faction who used Lend Aid?

Regarding Resources
If a Resource is neither a Need or Surplus, I would assume the Family have a neutral amount somewhere between the two extremes. Does this mean you can spend these 'neutral' resources, which would give you an equivalent Need?

"A Family of Tyrants are trading a much needed supply of Medicine with another settlement to bolster their own ranks with Recruits (need)."

If I understand it correctly, this could remove the Recruits (need), but also give them Medicine (need). Its this possible? Or can't you trade the 'neutral' Medicine Medicine resource? Thoughts?

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We all have wanted, at one point or another, to bring the feeling we had of playing Legacy to a fantasy setting. Rhapsody of Blood, FFTY, and Godsend all showed us how fun it can be. I wanted to take a step further. I wanted all these lessons learnt applied to a challenging setting with evocative art. A fantasy setting quite apart from everything else, with touches of renaissance society. Hence Mysthea, our new project for 2019!

Take a look here and see what we are talking about:

Kickstarter Mysthea Board Game

Kickstarter de Volfyirion, based on the same setting:…/tabula…/volfyirion/description

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Are there any plans for additional bloodlines or explorers for Rhapsody of Blood? My players and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the system, and we have been having such a blast playing it recently.

Do the rules support players making moves that then allow them to roll with advantage on future moves? Or, put another way, do you as the GM modify the difficulty of rolls by imparting advantage or disadvantage due to fictional elements?

Or does advantage and disadvantage only apply when a move's text states that it does?

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Coming next week: Wasteland Almanac, a collection of 20 settlements, 20 devices, and 20 threats to use in your game of #Legacy2e (or the post-apocalyptic RPG of your choice!).
Written by the excellent ☢️Chris Farnell ☢️, fresh off his work in The Engine of Life!

I have a few question about Gear tags, what does the following do?

*Armoured (Example Outfits p. 62 - Iron Titan Suit and in the handout sheets spread under Tyrants junk armor and Lawgivers improvised armor)
*Finesse (The Enclave of Bygone Lore - High-powered rifles from a distance)
*Plated (The Pioneers of the Depths - Hardened scales)

Sounds like 'Armored' may be a typo for Utility?
Sounds like 'Finesse' may be a typo for Elegant?
Not sure about 'Plated' though.

So, I've signed up to GM in a (small, local) convention next year, and I need to pick one of the games to run. I'd love to run Rhapsody of Blood, as it's got a really cool, self-contained arc, but it seems like it would be too long to wrap up in a 4-hour session. I've also not actually played or run it. Does anyone with experience have an idea of how long a full incursion into The Cas͡tle takes with 4-5 players? Especially if the Founders "prologue" is included? And would it be possible to cut that down?

One idea I had was to fill the Regent's clock by a segment every real-world half hour, forcing the players into a confrontation before the end (as well as limiting the number of wards & acolytes instead of one-per-player), but would that significantly muck up the pacing or the moves that revolve around the clock?

...also, is there any particular pronunciation to The Cas͡tle vs the castle? :P

Me again - Bring out your devices! I'm looking for other people's device ideas (so I can steal them basically)

Hello does anyone have a Google sheet for families and characters I could take a copy of?
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