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The Basis of This Community is like that of the Cold War. Their are Three Major Planetary Governments. These Governments WANT to go to War if anything as they're economies demand it, they NEED to go to War. But, after the last outrage that was the Third World War, the opinion on War has not been very favorable. A full scale Civil War across the Solar System would ensue. Smaller Factions Independent Pockets Militant Forces would Pop Up and Swallow Entire Regions.

Thus to Avoid this. They Hire Private Corporations that Work Independently of Most Nations. Thus they can get away with far more then an Established Power can.

That's Where You Come In.

Corporations can't replace EVERYONE with Drones and so forth. They've tried... But it did not end well ((We do not talk of that...)). I will be going over that later but on another Post.

It is your duty as a New Member of the Now Growing Powerful Corporations to ensure that your Companies Interests are Served, that the side your fighting for is worth the Monetary Waste.

Once all other Powers are Either Conquered or Suppressed they're really is only one more option... Galactic Conquest!!! Which we will then introduce a Far more larger aspect of Empires and so Far! But that is for a later time!

Profile Template: Please Use this Profile Template! Unless you have some better one to use...

Required If (insert)

Nation/Planet of Origin: ((If Earth Nation/ Not Earth Planet)) 
Employers: ((If Neutral State it)) 

Genetic Enhancements: ((State All))
Cybernetic Enhancements: ((State All))

Weapons: ((I ask you keep Weapons with in Believable Ratios; No Beam Weapons, or Light sabers, stick to what you would expect your Character to have. For ex. Military Veteran? Machine Guns. Assault Rifles etc))

Special Skills?
Military Record ((Military Veteran))
Diploma: ((Scientist))
Offices Held: ((Politician))



-No God Mods. For the Love of God this Goes without saying but I have to say it.
-This is not a Fantasy RP. No Magic and So forth. We will venture into certain levels of Supernatural but not today.
-Maybe Tomorrow...
-If you are a Mercenary for hire you will have heavier restrictions placed on you of what weapons you are capable of wielding. 
-NOBODY GETS A MOBILE SUIT. CHEAP JUNKER OR NOT NO ONE. To gain hold of a mobile suit one would have to join a corporation or Nation. Nation being the more likely to possess on hand.
-No Mech Suits or Anything Unless you have been conjoined to a Corporation or Nation.
-You Cannot have both Genetic and Cybernetic Enhancements, It One or the Other No exceptions.


-Corporations Receive Funding based on Performance. The More they Succeed the More Funding they Gain. If Corporations Fail to Provide Results they're funding is docked. Continuous failure leads to... unfortunate accidents.
-Corporations will never be able to defeat Nations. Just as Individuals will never defeat Corporations. 
-Corporations are considered Neutral by All Nations. 
-Corporations are not considered Neutral to other Corporations. 
-Corporations cannot have a Military Presence over 15,000. If a Corporation is found attempting a Force Greater then the allotted 15k they can no longer remain Neutral.
-Corporations may not Possess More then a Fifteen Mobile Suits.
-A Single Mobile Suit is equivalent to a Thousand Soldiers in terms of Combat Power. Combat Power Measuring Cybernetic and Genetically Enhanced Soldiers as Well.
-For Every mobile Suit Subtract a Thousand Soldiers from your Total Employee List.
-Corporations are Free to customize Mobile Suits
-Corporations must Specialize ex: Drones, Mutants, Cyborgs Etc.

Corporation #1: Super Kami Guru!!!
Corporation #2: Pending...
Corporation #3: Pending
Corporation #4: Pending


-To be Considered an Independent Planetary Government Said Government requires Controly of at LEAST 50% of said Planet
-Nations are not Militarily Limited they are free to build as Large a Force if Needed. However, they may not go to war unprovoked.
-If a Nation goes to War without any Privy Reason, then they're Armies will turn on they're leaders beginning a Civil War.
-Larger Armies equal Larger Casualties.
-For a Nation to "Legally" Go to War without the Possibility of Civil War is to provide Evidence of other Nations having purposely committed acts of Aggression ((Or fooled into it anyway)).
-If anyone wishes to build the Lore surrounding one of the Planetary governments please read the below before doing so;

Earth Conglomerate: 

-Most Financially Stable Planetary Government. 
-Largest Human Resources; Soldiers/Civilians Food/Water
-Largest Based Military: Soldiers/Tanks/ Ground Based Forces in General
-Weakest Space Faring Navy: Warships/Dropships/Destroyers/Carriers/etc.
-Original Designers of Mobile Suits = Large Mobile Suit Presence. Mobile Suits are Often Not Customized remaining at Factory Standard. 
-Genetic Enhancements? Illegal
-Cybernetic Enhancements? Illegal
-Poverty? Low
-Exhausted Military Material Recourse Output
-Owns 15% of Asteroid Belt.
-Main Energy Providers: Oil/Solar
-Planetary Government: Democratic Republic
-Pop: 14.8-16.3 Billion

Mars Alliance:

-Least Economically Stable
-Second Largest Human Resources
-Weak Base Military: Militia/Guerrillas/No Standing Force
-Fastest Standing Navy: Frigates/Destroyers/Stealth Destroyers/Carriers/Stealth Fighters/Fighters
-Low Mobile Suit Possession However Average Martian Mobile Suit is Heavily Customized to fit Several Military Procedures. 
-Genetic Enhancements? Illegal
-Cybernetic Enhancements? Legal
-Poverty? High
-High Military Material Recourse Output.
-Retains Ownership of 35% of the Asteroid Belt
-Main Energy Providers: Solar
-Planetary Government: Plutocracy
-Pop: 9.5-11.2 Billion
-Planetary Control is not Absolute... 28%% of Planet is Under Independent City State esque rule. Regimes, Smaller Nations, etc. 

JMC Federation

-Moderate Economic Stability Balance Tips in Both Directions.
-Lowest Human Resources.
-Smallest Based Military.
-Most Powerful Naval Force: Super Battle Cruisers, Artillery Ships, Fortress Ships
-Lowest Mobile Suit Possession but most Advanced Upgrades, as Well as Customization
-Genetic Enhancements? Legal
-Cybernetic Enhancements? Illegal
-Moderate Military Material Output
-retains Ownership of 5% of Asteroid Belt
-Main Energy Provider: Thermal Nuclear/Geothermal 
-Planetary Government: Monarchy
-Pop: 4.9-6.7

Earth Conglomerate: None!!!
Mars Alliance: None!!!
JMC Federation: None!!!

Asteroid Belt:

-The Asteroid Belt is a Massive Harvest of Resources and other items. 
-55% of the Asteroid Belt is Owned and Mined by the 3 Major Planetary Governments.
-However the Remaining 45% is Housing of Small Independent Colonies, Military Syndicates and More. 
-Both Nations/Corporations can lay claim to these areas at will with 0 repercussions.


-Want to start a smaller faction? ex. Resistance, Crime Syndicate etc. Feel free to post a profile in the Discussion. Certain Limitations will be made but this post is to crowded... and I am lazy... so i'll tell you about them later...

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The Earth Conglomerate:

"Strength through Unity; Unity through Prosperity."

Introduction: The Earth Conglomerate, evolved originally from the United Nations, founded at the end of World War II to prevent further World Wars. Ironically, it began the third one, and now, will seek to end it.


-Most Financially Stable Planetary Government. 
-Largest Human Resources; Soldiers/Civilians Food/Water
-Largest Based Military: Soldiers/Tanks/ Ground Based Forces in General
-Weakest Space Faring Navy: Warships/Dropships/Destroyers/Carriers/etc.
-Original Designers of Mobile Suits = Large Mobile Suit Presence. Mobile Suits are Often Not Customized remaining at Factory Standard. 
Genetic Enhancements Illegal
Cybernetic Enhancements Illegal
Poverty Low
-Exhausted Military Material Recourse Output
-Owns 15% of Asteroid Belt.
-Main Energy Providers: Oil/Solar
-Planetary Government: Democratic Republic
-Pop: 14.8-16.3 Billion

Background: The Earth Conglomerate, founded in place of the declining United Nations, changed the U.N.'s failing mechanics... Much to the enjoyment of all nations of the world. It withheld a much more powerful presence, regulating many major businesses and economical and social ties, which brought back the poverty-stricken world.

At the dawn of the new solar year, The Conglomerate, having united the world under its banner, looked to the starts to expand humanity's reach further than its own confines. They sent ships to colonize Mars, but overlooked many factors, such as using ships factored to Earth's gravity in breaching Mars's. Many lives were lost, and it lasted twenty-eight more solar years until the tests and failed attempts ceased, to make way for the first successful colonization attempt on Mars. At first, most of the Mars immigrants were the wealthy, those who could afford to go. Mars seemed more of a vacation place than anything else. But, when the Conglomerate found uses for it, and began freely exporting human and mechanical resources to the slowly growing Mars Colony... Feeding it like a mother would their child. Things appeared to be going well, but 124 years later... Things changed.

Mars bit the hand that fed, and the colonial government organized itself and began a political cage match between itself and the Earth Conglomerate, petitioning to secede from the larger body and become its own planet-Nation, as the Earth Conglomerate did. History truly does repeat itself, but this time, The Conglomerate took fate into its own hands, declining the petition and strengthening regulation of Mars in an attempt to discourage further acts of independence.

The move backfired, as had its predecessors. In SY 220, Mars had revealed its previously secret Militia, and the Conglomerate withdrew its forces from Mars as the planetary government requested, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. The Conglomerate's leaders had labeled Mars a "failed experiment", barely paying attention to it but still keeping but a string of political control over it in a show of ignorance. Still, another colony, this one based upon one of Jupiter's many moons, Europa, was founded in hopes that it would not be let astray as Mars had.

Thirty-Eight years later, the forgotten son Mars had re-appeared on the  Conglomerate's radar in massive proportions, after they, without Earth's agreement, seceded from the Conglomerate. An overwhelming majority opinion among Earth's governments led to the mobilization of Earth's forces and invasion of Mars, which was the first step taken towards the unforseen inevitable.. World War III. Pirates and other ill-minded criminals took advantage of the chaos, hijacking civilian freighters transporting supplies back and forth. A bright spot did shine in this year of chaos, although. The Jupiter colony expanded to Titan, another moon of Jupiter. Many opportunities opened up for the Conglomerate's new favorite son.

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Odin Force Cooperative

The Odin Force Coop was not originally a Paramilitary Corporation. At first it was a Metal Works shop on Mars from as early as SY 0030. The Coop had maintained Healthy relationships between Earth and Mars for over 122 years. Until the Independence Movement began to place pressure on Odin Force to begin supporting the Movement or be Ostracized by the Martian General Public which would have cut they're business down a total 62%

Earth wasn't making it any easier on them. Pressure from the Earth clients stated that any attempt to support the Independence movement would be seen as Treason... the CEO's of the company would be sued and most likely jailed... the Company wasn't ready for such an unfortunate turn of events. The CEO and Board Members of Odin Force did everything they could to remain Neutral. They attempted to broker Compromises, Delay Meetings, Even staging an Accident so the CEO could claim to be to injured for a debate on Martian Public Television. It was bound to come to an End eventually.

October, 8th, SY 178

An Accident takes Place. The Company Management having convened for a Meeting alongside Earth and Martian Representatives... An Explosion goes off below the building housing the Conference, the Building Supports become unstable causing it to Fall, spreading debris across 20 blocks... it killed thousands of people. The Cause of the Explosions was due to Poor Pipe Maintenance maintained by the Current Martian Colony. Regardless the Mysterious Occurrence and other wise Convenience of the Explosion drew blanks with the Local Police and Colonial Police.

With No Leadership in Place, and No where to Go Share Holders handed over Odin Force Cooperative to Mar's. Odin Force Cooperative became a Martian National Hold. Odin Force Factories Once Pushing out Material to be used School Buses; Remade to Produce Tanks, Factories Making Pots and Pan's... Turned to Artillery Shells... Odin Force went from a Minor Metal Works Factory to Mar's 2nd Largest Military Supplier. The Change in Nature warranted the End of Odin's primarily Human Workforce as well.

Odin Force would be the First Major Company to Organize and Use Autonomous Worker Drones... Production Boomed by the Miles. Odin's Influence began to expand. Government Officials were unfortunately incapable of properly monitoring the Companies Growth. By the Time the Alliance realized what was going on Odin Force had enough Power to Push for Independence and Succeed.

By the Time of Secession Odin had the Power to Cut the Plug On Over 28% of Mars War Machine If they Wanted to. Following All the Way Up Until the Third World War, Odin Force Cooperative would continue to Have Repeated Military Influence Unchallenged by the During the Time Weak Martian Government.

January, 21st, SY 330

*_Odin Force Grows to be the Largest Military Supplier on Mars. It's Systems Carried More Heavy Duty 

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The Lockstep
This a continuous event that will occur about every month or 2.

The Lockstep is a vast network of cryogenic stasis pods that allows humanity to become near immortal. It allows even the smallest station on the edge of nothing to have enough materials to trade, live, and make it work even being there.

Everyone who uses Hladan Corp suspended animation beds enters the Hladan  Lockstep: one month awake for every 120 months asleep. That's one month for every 4 years of real time. The lockstep, by restructuring subjective time, has the remarkable benefit of shrinking the galaxy. An interstellar trip that would take 4 years of real time (or fifteen, or two) can be scheduled to occur "overnight" with no loss of subjective time.

Someone might not be willing to give up hundreds of years of subjective time, but no has problem staking a claim that takes three years to travel to. Sure you could only talk to someone 12 light years away once a month and even in spaceships are still only clocking in a fraction of the speed of light. But by everyone sticking to the same sleep schedule, all sorts of distances are reduced to "next door."

The lockstep creates a feasible slower-than-light corporate empire that encompasses thousands of worlds. And plenty of them are worlds that would not be habitable without a combination of robots and lockstep. Since the population is asleep the vast majority of the time, the resources of barely habitable worlds can be accumulated and shepherded by robots for thirty years, walking a remarkable line between environmental sustainability and human usage.

While lockstep keeps turning off the lights for years at a time, the rest of the "fast worlds" in the galaxy spin on, piling up eons of history and technology. Fast worlds are terrifyingly unstable compared to the slow churn of tightly controlled locksteps. And the Hladan  Corp's lockstep is the largest and most tightly controlled of them all.

So far only a few Cycles have run, but humanity is already jumping forward in time and extending it's reach far across the solar system.


The  Hladan Corporation:





So who needs better clarification on what I need help with?

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Official Date:  Solar Year 751 

SY 000- First Official Colonization Attempt - Mars Pilgrimage 
SY 028- First Successful Attempt - Mars  
SY 152- Mars Independence Movement
SY 220- Mars Colonies Militarization 
               Jupiter Moon Colonization- Europa
SY 258- Mars Secession- Earth Invasion
               Jupiter Extension- Titan  
               Pirate Raids Begin
SY 331- End of Mar Secession Mar's Free
               First Independent Planetary Government Formed.
SY 338- Jupiter Colonies Expand Over Callisto. 
SY 350- Jupiter Colonies Expand Over Io
SY 355- Earth Deploy Advanced Forces Over Jupiter Suppress Possible Revolt. 
SY 359- Jupiter Colonies Revolt.
SY 400- Mars Opens Borders Allowing Jupiter Refugees Into Special Zones
SY 450- Earth Takes Advantage of Open Borders to Execute Terrorist Attacks 
SY 500- Third World War Begins.
SY 501- Mar's Super Fortress "Eternity" Deployed
SY 525- Casualties Surpass 100 Million. 65% Civilian. Stalemate ensues.
SY 555- Mar's Super Fortress Approximately 1 week away from Earth. Earth Develops Mobile Suits.
SY 561- Casualties Surpass 400 Million 81% Civilian. Mars Super Fortress "Eternity" Destroyed. Martian Forces in Full Retreat
SY 570- Jupiter Forces Devastated. Earth Forces Exhausted. Mars Offensive Suppressed. Casualties Surpass 700 Million 92% Civilian. 
SY 600- Solar Treaty Signed... Third World War Ended. Mars and Jupiter Independence Recognized Officially. Overall Casualties 1.1 Billion. Casualties Not Calculable. 
SY 602- Solar Wide Depression. Market Crashes.
SY 615- Labor Unions Begin En-massed Strikes. AI Alternatives being Researched.
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