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We've had a chat with a few #contentmarketing experts. They were kind enough to tell us what #content creation tools they were using. Check them out for yourself, here:

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Acting Not Living

We humans like to conserve energy. We are lazy beings by nature. Our minds are no different. They resist new thinking, new thoughts, and new paradigms by allowing automatic responses or a preprogrammed answer to override any new ideas, new opportunities, new choices or fresh experiences. We fall back into predisposed habits of thinking, living […] The post Acting Not Living appeared first on Dr. John A. King . #drjohnaking #leadership #lifeasleaders

Think Positively

You need to learn to select your thoughts just the same way you do your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. The post Think Positively appeared first on Dr. John A. King . #drjohnaking #leadership #lifeasleaders

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You know what they say about someone who keeps doing the same thing and expects different results.. Get out of your comfort zone and try something different, Dont be afraid of the unknown !
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Power Couples Hangout – April 30 | With Guest Power Couple Jamison and Rachel Haponenko

Watch as Bren and Mike along with co-hosts, Felicia White and Brian White, talk with guest power couple, Jamison and Rachel Haponenko, about how their internet lifestyle allowed them to RV across the United States for two years.

How to Overcome Financial Struggles

Are you experiencing financial struggles, barely able to keep your head above water? Read on because in this article I talk about how to overcome financial struggles.

How Much Transparency is Too Much | Beyonce and J-Lo

So how much transparency is too much?  Although Beyonce and J-Lo may have walked that fine line, ultimately as a marketer you need to decide how much transparency is enough. 

Manifesting Change In Your Life Like a Movie

Take control of your life by manifesting change as if it were a movie.  Learn how manifesting change is done, and how easy it is to do. 

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Mining #Bitcoin with BitClub Network is a solution for YOUR passive residual income and with #Ethereum mining being added YOU need to take a serious look. Also with the release of Bitcoin merchant service system, can only imagine how big the organization is about to become, YOU can be part of something that is bigger than Internet?
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