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Réalisation de site WEB - Schittek Multimedia

Performance personnelle - Innovation ou déjà vu ?
Peut-être une autre façon de jouer sur le web ? de présenter un produit ? ajouter une interactivité originale à son site internet ?

Piloter mon animation affichée sur votre ordinateur grâce à votre smartphone, c'est ici :

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jquery video walkthrough
multi files to multi form ajax uploader, image preview

In this video, generate multiple forms with multiple files and image preview
with html5 File API.
collect files in an array and append later to the formdata being uploaded during ajax.

could not get the plugin of my need.
plupload, blueimp plugins didn't work for my case.

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Free KC THEME – Comming Soon bootstrap 3.2 template
‪#‎KCTHEME‬ ‪#‎Themifycloud‬
‪#‎Bootstrap‬ ‪#‎Free‬ ‪#‎Coming‬ ‪#‎Soon‬ ‪#‎Landing‬ ‪#‎Page‬ ‪#‎HTML5‬ ‪#‎Template‬…/landing-page-html5-templates/
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JQuery 3.0 - The next big leap : JQuery 3.0 - Le prochain grand saut

A compact and fast JavaScript code - jQuery is a library That Focuses on Simplifying Traversing HTML document, handling events and Ajax interactions for quick and efficient web development. Surely Does It Enhance the productivity of the developers by letting em avail UI Functionalities by lessening the Amount of code written to BE. What is essential while working with jQuery is basic know-how of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It promises to simplify the customer - side scripting of HTML. Considered one of The Most Well Known JavaScript library today, it is a free ware and open source ...

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jQuery Redirect onClick Event (New or Same Window)

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PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial Using Cookies + Bootstrap + jQuery

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Jquery localization tool - Simple localization dropdown for your website. Translates strings in the languages you provide. This widget is built with the single page scenario in mind. It supports right-to-left text direction when languages like Arabic are selected. View Project View Demo The post Jquery localization tool appeared first on Twittstrap.

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