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Hello, folks....... I guess it's time for an update for all of you.

This community has become too burdensome for me to manage alone. I have solicited help and gotten no responses. My co-founders have all moved on to other projects. Google+ Events no longer works on my computer and nothing I have found can fix that problem.

We have successfully built this community to over 200k members, but for a long time, the engagement has been very little. No matter what instructions I offer, community guidelines included, this community does not seem to improve or become truly beneficial for the members. The membership growth has been apparently nearly all due to SPAMERS and not real language learners. Just processing the real posts and eliminating the SPAMERS that posted was taking hours per week, with no apparent benefit to anyone.

I've decided to discontinue moderating the community. I am opening the posting restrictions today. Those who are currently members can post whatever they like. No new members can join. Hopefully those members who wish to practice can continue to find each other and use hangouts to do so.

To all who participated over the years, I genuinely thank you for all of your involvement and your participation in making this a wonderful community of online language learners.

+paulino brener +Wolf Weber +Lisa Miller
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Ich moechte deutsch sprechen bei skype, kann Spanisch oder Englisch lehren.

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Làm sao để Bé của bạn đáng yêu và ngộ nghĩnh nhỉ? Xem Video và suy đoán

Hi let's try to chat? Add me to hangout

I feel like chatting today, anyone wants to practice English and chat on hangout ?

Nothing much

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A good video to learn Chinese

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Hello! practice trasladate this video!

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李@洪@志为什么要把弟子们从地狱中“除名”? 眼下,法@轮@功痴迷者正是这样一群可悲可怜的被控制的人群而身陷其中却不自知。这些痴迷者把自己的生命、自由、思维、认知当作最后的筹码交给李@洪@志,幻想着有一天能够赌赢、翻本,结局必定是把一切都输光的赌徒。

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