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Hello everyone i wanna learn english and i can teach you arabic becouse i am arabic teacher and i can teach you web design .

Hi!! i speak Spanish, but i want to learn English, Who can help me, please? 

Hi i would like to speak spanish so when i get bulled in spanish i will understand them

I am a Chinese. I am poor at English. Is there anyone who would like to help me?

Hey .. I Speak Fluent English
And I'm Willing To Help People Learn My Language Better .. If You Need Help I'm Always Available
As Well As .. I'd Love To Learn Some Spanish And French 😊

I need calmly peoples to practice English with. I'm not skillful. If you are get piss easily because I reply to slow dont bother with me,
P.S. I hate pervert, don't text me if you are.

Pls i want to speak German can you help me

Can anyone help me improve my Spanish please?!? I can teach you English in return.! :) 

I want to learn English plz help me to improve my English..
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