Sunstar ran through the forest, not stopping until she found a tree high enough to get her well off the ground. Once up, she scouted the path, looking down the four remaining clan mates: a small kit; his sister, who was already an apprentice; a new warrior; and one of their senior warriors. Sunstar shivered at the thought of the evil that had destroyed their camp. Suddenly, she saw movement across the border. She climbed down the tree, telling her clan to wait. Quietly stalking up to her side of the border, she said quietly, "Who's there?"

Lake clan
Kind fair sweet strong respected
Story was once a kitty pet when twolegs left me I went to the forest and started as an apprentice

Status update:

Leader:                       Owlstar                +Emily Minich
Deputy: None
Medicine Cat: None
Warriors: None
Apprentices: None
Queens/kits: None
Elders: None

Every spot but the leader is open!

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Cat's Name: Sunstar
Wanted Rank: leader
Clan: OwlClan
Appearance: golden, glows in the sun; AWESOMELY SUPER FLUFFY
Personality: high energy, fun
History: Almost drowned, but, thankfully, was okay.

(picture of Sunstar as a kit)

Clan Update!
Leader: Jaystar (+Katherine Malone)
Deputy: OPEN
Medicine Cat: OPEN

To Create a cat, please fill out this form:
Cat's Name:
Wanted Rank:

Also, you can check the clan updates to see which positions are open! At this moment all high-ranking positions need to be filled, but once they are and we have a few warriors, you have to start out as a kit.

Clan Update!
All positions are open.

Clan Update!
All positions are open.

Clan Update!
All positions are open.

There shall be five clans, but not the original ones. I will edit them, given time.
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