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Is it better to be a “nice” leader to get your staff to like you? Or to be tough as nails to inspire respect and hard work?

I would like to invite your community to join in the following discussion regarding Social Etiquette and the Effects of pop  culture on mainstream etiquette.  Note the discussion:  An examination of mainstream etiquette in the United States and European cultures, and the effects of Pop-Culture to either enhance or erode it. 

We will dissect varying aspects of mainstream etiquette and the effect that pop-culture has had on it in the US and Europe; both of which once embodied class and elegance.  How has pop culture changed mainstream etiquette?  Has there been an erosion by Pop-Culture?  Or, has Pop-Culture enhanced mainstream etiquette?   

I will present questions and topics for discussions, analyzing the varying aspects of Mainstream Culture.  Questions and topics will change every two weeks to give all members an opportunity to respond.  However, first, let’s have a response to the initial questions presented in the introduction.
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