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Hey guys,
Just a quick status update to keep you in the loop on what's going on.

1) We're working on setting up our online store for the miniatures. The way KS backers will then get gift vouchers to buy their pledge rewards from the online store. That way we will be able to get a count on which miniatures we need to produce for each hero as well as allow pre-orders. This should go live this week if everything goes well.

2) Miniature manufacturing will be kicked off soon after the store goes live and we know the numbers. I'm confident we can deliver the miniatures earlier than the promissed July date but you never know if there's some complications.

3) We're working on eliminating bugs in the app and getting back to adding features to it. Our better crash tracking allows us to pinpoint issues you might be experiencing and fixing them. So if the app crashes on you don't worry. We get a message and we're trying to push patches out regularly to fix any annoyances.

4) To keep the development process transparent we want explore opportunities to live stream our weekly playtest sessions over That will also allow you to directly participate in the sessions and talk to us during them and get us to answer any questions. More about this in the coming weeks as there's still couple of technical issues to be solved.

If you have any thoughts / questions feel free to post here. We're here to help :-)

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Hey everyone,
Here's just a very quick dev update on what we're working on right now.

The highest priority on our list right now is to make it easier to get started with the game. We're currently implementing in-game tutorials that new players can follow to learn the core mechanics of LoR. In theory, you shouldn't have to read the LoR rulebook at all to play the game. Still.. It's probably something most players will want to go back to once playing couple of games to get more details of the rules.

The tutorials are small scenarios players can play alone to understand the app UI and basic interactions. Each tutorial will teach one aspect of the game. Each tutorial takes about 5-10 minutes to play.

We're also improving the way games are stored to make it easier to continue an interrupted game. While in the current version a game can only be continued on the same device it was originally hosted once the new system goes live either player can login to any device and host the interrupted game. The games are now stored also on our server. That means that any device can download an interrupted game. Of course, this only works if you have an internet connection. To play the game and to continue an interrupted game on the same device it was initially hosted still doesn't require internet and the game is completely playable offline as before.


Just a heads up. We will wipe the servers once more with an update Thu 12th at 20:00 CET.
This will coincide with the next update to the Command Console app that will bring the Hidden characters live! 

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Dear LoR community, I want to ask your help / thoughts.

We're preparing to release the next update to the Lands of Ruin Command Console. This update will bring the hidden-character feature we have been teasing ( and promising for a long time).

Our plan has always been to release new major features together with a new tribe of characters. We have mentioned Outlanders already in our Kickstarter. This is the tribe that we bring to the game together with the hidden characters skills.

We already introduced part of the tribe's story here:

The next release will bring with it the first Outlander to all beta testers. However, we don't have miniatures for these characters. In the case of Outlanders we want to encourage players to use their own miniatures. Here's where I'd like to hear your thoughts about nice and suitable miniatures available from 3rd parties.

Are you guys aware of any that would work nicely as characters that are maybe best described as post-apocalyptic Viet Cong? These characters are sneaky and nasty. What could we recommend to our players?


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True hidden snipers are coming soon(tm).

As we've been teasing these are characters that only the owning player has information about. At the start of the game you will deploy any hidden snipers to the table only in your app (no markers, tokens etc). Your opponent doesn't know if you have hidden characters on the table or not.

There's much more to this. True hidden characters and asymmetric information on the tabletop will bring a whole new level of gameplay to Lands of Ruin.

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Hey everyone,
I have something very exciting to you today. Here's a sneak peek of some of the art from our artist, Murray, for our upcoming Rulebook and stories book. These Work-in-progress sketches look awesome and I can't wait to see them completed.

If you want to get more into the world of Lands of Ruin you can download a free PDF early access version of the VOICES FROM THE WASTE - SHORT STORIES book.
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The character Dorian has become a joke in some of our test player circles (for a good reason.. he's been useless).

Now, finally, Dorian is taking his intended role on the battlefield. In the next release he'll be much, much more devastating addition to your tribe than before.

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Here's a quick dev update on what we're working on in the app side. New release hopefully very soon that brings the cohort characters into the game.

This screen is going to be included in the next version so you can check live progress of the main features at any time :-)

(btw. building this screen wasn't a delay from main features. To me it's faster to write code drawing this than trying to draw this in some tool.. ; )

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Yay! The Lands of Ruin Command Console now runs on the free Bluestacks Android emulator. This means that you can run the game on any Windows laptop or Mackbook (desktop computers also work but are probably a bit inconvenient for the purpose)

The support for bluestacks will be in the next release version coming up soon.

As the app runs on most Android tabs and all new Chromebooks with this addition we think it's going to be much easier to find 2 compatible devices in any group of gamers :-)

Dear LoR community,
I have some bad news regarding the Lands of Ruin iOS version and I would like to hear your thoughts about how we can handle this in fair way with our KS backers and community.

Unfortunately our iOS developer had to quit the project due to personal reasons. This has put an indefinite halt to the iOS port of the Command Console app.

For the past months we have been working on refactoring the core of the game in a format that it can be used on both platforms (Android and iOS) without rewriting that part. However, the UI still needs to be platform specific. Unfortunately, we do not have skills in the team to build the iOS part. I am an Android developer and my time is already tied down to delivering the promised features on Android.

So, the situation is now this. The iOS port might still happen but we can no longer promise any date for it. We need to first find a new iOS developer to join our team (we cannot just hire an iOS dev as our budget cannot handle that).

The iOS port was promised in the KS project (with a good will.. it was already on the way when the promise was made). However we will fail to deliver that part in reasonable schedule.

We're currently starting shipping the miniatures to the backers so those backers are hopefully happy with their pledge rewards at least mostly but I'm very worried about the digital backers. I'm sure some of them have no access to Android tablets and were backing in hopes of playing the game on iPads. Those people will feel disappointed.

We want to make things right. While it will hurt financially we will likely offer refunds to anyone who backed digital only and feel that they're not getting what they backed for. Alternatively we might offer digital backers an option to get a miniature instead.

This is a very difficult situation and I hate being in this one.. We want to deliver what we promise but we cannot.

What do you guys think. How can we make this right? Refunds, miniatures? What should we do?
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