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Welcome to the world of Zeta! Enjoy!!!!!! 
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Episode 4 24/2/2017

Goku:You bet you do. Let's show them Vegeta!
Vegeta:Give me the potara
Bardock:What do ya mean!!
Gohan:You used the earrings before!
Goku:Yeah. Take this.
Vegeta puts it on and they fuse.
Vegito:I am neither Vegeta nor Goku. I am Vegito
Bardock: Vegitoooo!!
King Vegeta:Vegitoooo!
Vegito: Surprised
Vegeta (King because Vegeta has become a part of Vegito):You are the one who is gonna be surprised

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Episode 3 23/2/2017

-....dock,the father of Goku.
Goku:Who is that green man looking like me!
Vegeta:Your dad
Goku:Whattttttttt. Dad!!!!!!
Bardock:Well,Kakkarot. Kill your own brother, my son,will you!
Goku:You all are very evil.
King Vegeta:Shut up Kakkarot. What was I saying... Yeah. Vegeta. Where has your pride gone.
Goku:Go away before
Bardock and King Vegeta:Before what,Kakkarot
Goku:My new finisher
Vegeta:Wait Kakkarot. Let me see why are they here. Bardock:Prince Vegeta,we are here for killing the one known as Vegito and Piccolo. We have no business with you.
Goku:If you want Vegito,then you really do.

Episode 2 23/2/2017

...... The sky is covered by darkness and two metalloids (Saiyan space ships) from the space appear. They crash down.

Goku: That's familiar
Vegeta:That's a Saiyan spaceship,idiot!!
Goku:What,there are Saiyan's besides us
Vegeta: There are not supposed to be any!!
Goten:Hey Dad, what's that thing!

Two Saiyan's come out and one of them was was WA..! Vegeta froze in his tracks!!

King Vegeta:Vegeta,my son a traitor! Vegetaaaaaaaa! And the other one was Bar......

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Episode-1 20/2/2017

The era begins with a tectonic heaven on Earth which gets converted into a Horrible Hell! Gohan left being a scholar! Goku is now found training in the jungle living on Chi-Chi's dumplings and Miso! Vegeta now is found in his gravity chamber!Trunks and Goten in the place of Gohan become scholars with Bulma having a change ( She too now like Chi-Chi yells on Trunks to study). Suddenly.....

-To be continued
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