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(Melissa)  its early in the morning and i'm walking around outside. I go to a spot to sit and glance around, not seeing anyone i put my hands out in front of me and start to make a ball of air. i smile and let the air move around me (open)

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Profile #:4
Name: Redd
Age:  18
Power: “Die” at will and come back to life
Looks: see pic, long red hair, always wears black
Personality: silent, great listener, can be merciless
Likes: swords, running on the roof tops, the moon, night
Dislikes: getting caught, having to talk, bright lights
Weapons: swords
Strengths:  quick, silent when moving, agile
Weakness: doesn't know how to act around too many people, frightened of large animals, only knows how to fight and run
Other: in Vi's gang

I apologize for being gone for so long, i had moved then left for a trip to New York, then wen I got back I had to go to the hospital and stay there for a LONG time, but now I am back and all better, just in time for the new year, and hopefully I didn't miss to much! Thank you all for joining my community!!

Profile #: 3
Name: Melissa
Age: 18
Power: air
Looks: light blonde hair, bright blue eyes
Personality: quiet, oblivious, cheerful
Likes: friends, being happy
Dislikes: strangers
Weapons: daggers, air
Strengths:her power, cheering others up
Weakness: doesn't like talking to strangers
Other: part of Vi's gang

Vi looks at her gang walking around and sighs (open)

walking around school clutching my books tightly, keeping an eye out for bullies. I had learned how to spot them from my last school before i moved here. So far no bullies have bothered me here yet. Spacing out for a moment thinking about my old school i crash into someone o o oh i'm sorry i i didn't mean to (open)

Victoria is running through the streets, getting chased by an unknown person. She sends shadows back to temporally stop them and then turns into an alley way. Sliding to a stop. She stands against the wall as they person runs past. Then she notices she isn't alone (open)

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Celina pulled herself up into a tall tree to get a better view of the starry night, she noticed someone walking nearby, she squinted to try to make out the silhouette when...

running through the forest, a guy running after me Hey get back here! I try to run faster and trip, rolling onto the ground. He comes up, I scramble backwards and try to focus to control his emotions where you going he grins evilly (open)

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Profile #: 2
Name: Victoria (Vi)
Age: 18
Power: shadows
Looks: short reddish hair. changing colored eyes. 
Personality: she seems cold and strict. but once you get to know her she will open up and can be a big prankster. Cares deeply for theses around her, but can be vicious in her punishments. Bossy
Likes: shadows, taking charge
Dislikes: lights, whining, those who betrayed her
Weapons: shadow blade, knifes hidden all over her body, other shadows
Strengths: hiding, taking charge, fighting
Weakness: getting tortured, people hurting those she care about
Other: lives on the streets, leads a gang of people with powers. (anyone can be in it if they want)
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