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Hi everyone

Anyone testet Airfiber with max 100mw power output. How does it perform on speed and distance

Hola a todos, tengo un problemita de rendimiento en un enlace Punto a Punto, hay alguien por aqui que puedar dar opinión?

Hi, it's still alive this community?

hi all,

i have been testing aircontrol on 700 unit network, works perfectly. now im trying to connect Aircontrol mobile pro to the server. but when i connect i get an error with: empty group list.

has anyone tried this

Народ кто на 5.5.4 перепрыгнул ? есть  глюки ?

I have been disenchanted with Ubnt's forums, which are soooooo 2000s. With G+ you can do a hang out, post photos to the group, straight from your phone, post videos and get real time notifications. Communications is much better.

So this community is an attempt at creating a similar concept as, but without all the OLD stuff that takes multiple clicks. What I would like to see is what would be lost in translation.

So far, now that communities has 'categories' it is one step closer to matching functionality. I wonder if it would be possible to cross-post between the original forums, and the community here... hmmmm....
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