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In The Forgotten Land, There was a Town with no Name, The old Lore gone with time.
Shadow People lurk in the Deep Woods preying on anyone who Dares Come in the Deep Woods.

There is a teenage boy named Marco
his past is tragedy from the start, his parents lost in a house fire and taken from his hometown from child services.
he has bounced back and forth from adoption to being returned.
This boy is 17 now and will soon be kicked out of the services because he is getting too old to hang on to.
His last adoption was returned.
So the agent had a talk with Marco, then the phone rang.

This is the moment that changed his terrible life, his hateful mind will change, will open up to all the unknown and forgotten moments, He will finally have answers to his questions about his life.

On the other end of the phone, a secret society called The Forgotten, Has called upon the Black Heart to come back home and fight on their side to put an end to the darkness.

Opposing The Forgotten, are the 7 Dark Seals and The Shadow people. The 7 Dark Seals are people that have encountered The Darkness in person. Once called Divine Seals but have fallen and left incomplete and has fallen to the ways of the dark without clear motives.
They slumber until the Black Heart returns home.

Every moment is like a historic moment that is happening, Unfolding after years of suffering and pain.
Marco is the Black Heart, He carries the powers of The Darkness`s power, An unstoppable force against anything mortal.
But he is yet to discover this as he heads into "The Town Of Darkness" to find himself and find whats the meaning of all this happening that could end the world and consume the Earth in Darkness with the 7 Dark Seals and its Shadow People Consuming the world.

This is a great story about a boy about to become a man, that fights constant hardship and survival to find a happy ending when there is no happy ending.

This is the Moment of Happening.

Volume 1
Chapter 1

"Can you buy some food at the store" said mom.
He sprung out of his room and went to mom.
"Ok what do you need?" said marco
"Here is a list of things for supper, can you handle it?" mom said to marco.
"Yes i can!" little marco said in excitement.
mom hands him 50$
"Ok get dressed and go on your grand adventure for mommy" mom said with a smile.
"i will" little marco smiles
While marco puts on his black jacket and shoes, dad walks in
"Hey son where are you going? dad said
"I'm going on an adventure!" little marco said
*dad chuckles
"have fun out there son"
dad sees a yellow paper what marco was holding with some words he can make out that looked like food ingredients.
Marco leaves the house.
"Are you sure he'll be ok going all alone?" dad said in concern.
"He's a nice sweet boy, and he already knows his was around town, That's smart for a 6 year old boy." mom explained.
"yeah, you're right" dad said
As marco was still behind the door, outside, he felt like they had faith in him, and he will do them proud.
As marco made it to the main road, he heard a roaring coming down the road behind him, he was walking until a stranger came pulled up beside him.
"Hey kid, need a ride? i'm heading to town." Said the stranger.
Marco looked at him.
He had a black leather jacket, awesome hair cut, dark blue jeans, and was driving on one of those biker motorcycles.
Marco wasn't sure but they were going to the same place, then he remembered.
This is an adventure, it's about meeting new people, seeing sights, and having the time of your life. Plus he looked cool.
"OK!" marco exclaimed
"My names Ren, Whats yours?" Ren asked
"Marco!" exclaimed
"Ok marco, hop on the front seat so you won't fall off." Ren exclaimed.
Marco jumps on, feeling lots of excitement and a sense of adventure, because he never rode a motorcycle before with someone he just met.
Ren put a helmet on marco, but marco doesn't remember him wearing it or having it on his bike, but the sense of adventure took over him and easily forgotten it.
"ADVENTURE!" Marco shouted as they drove off.
There were no other vehicles on the road so Ren speeded up, bringing joy to little marco, and when a vehicle did show up, he slowed to normal speed.
After finally arriving at downtown, Ren dropped off marco at the food market.
"I'm meeting my friends here for a bite, so this is where the road ends" said Ren.
"That's ok, this is where i wanted to go, Thank you!"
marco said in spirit.
Marco looked at the list.

-Ground beef
-Tomato soup
-Vegetable soup
-vegetable pack
-one choice of junk food
*Deep Breath
"Ok i can do this."

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