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Name: Mayako Mushigo
Nickname: Firefox, or Party Animal
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: 1/2 Fox 1/2 Human
Class: 2B
Abilities: Can turn into a fox, can talk to animals, very intelligent and good with technology, is a really good DJ and beatboxer, and controls fire.
Likes: technology, friends, polite people, music, socializing, drawing, food
Dislikes: exercising, bullies, annoying things, school, swimming
Bio: When Mayako was born, his parents found out he had fox ears and a fox tail... They tried to hide it from the other kids, but they always seemed to find out about them. Then when he finally turned 12, they found this school called Silver Moon Academy, where they accepted kids who were unnatural! There were normal human kids, but Mayako would finally be able to fit in! And so he was sent to the school for his first year and then started his life in Silver Moon Academy!

Shouldn't you have a teacher profile? Or four mods to be teachers?


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Name: Mitsuko
I walk around the academy trying to used to the school i was the new girl i went to school with my older brother Hikaru
(Anyone wanna rp?)
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