I'm doing research on my maternal great-grand-parents, Egidio Ricci and Amelia (Monticello) Ricci. I know he immigrated from Italy in 1895 and she immigrated in 1905. I can't find anything pertaining to their deaths. The last census Amelia appeared in was 1920 and the last census for Egidio was 1940. I found a record of the marriage of their daughter, Mary, on July 5, 1924, which shows the names of the parents, but of course this doesn't mean Amelia was living at the time. They lived in the Houghton Mine area. They were Catholic and Egidio paid for the basement of the first Catholic church that was built in the area, asking the other parishioners to pay to build the rest of the church. I contacted the catholic church in the area and was told the church had shut down in 1987, and that I would have to go to the U.P. to search their records myself, however I am unable to make the trip. Egidio remarried after Amelia's death, to Rose or Rosa (depending on the record I'm looking at). According to family, Egidio ended up with gangrene in one of this feet, which spread to his leg, and he ended up having his leg amputated, and I think I remember hearing that he died from this complication of an injury. I also was told that the amputation was performed at a hospital in Detriot, so he may have died in the hospital, but I haven't been successful in finding an obituary in Detroit or in Houghton Mine, or the general vacinity of Houghton. I would love to find out anything pertaining to them, but at least would like to find a record of their marriage and of their deaths . Any help would be appreciated.

I'm looking for how to find the divorce records for a case in 1908 in Detroit. I have the case number, but searching online finds only a divorce certificate, not the case files. Are the case files digitized yet for that time period? If not, would those still be at the courthouse or somewhere else? Archives?



Looking for info on W.E. Shiffert or Shippers of Fenneville. Married to Jennie (?) Frazier. 

I am looking for information on Ned Edward Frazier, born approximately 1886 in Fenneville, died 16 August 1930 in Rochester, New York i. Parents are listed on New York marriage certificate to Mabel Rhoda Groves (of Walker, New York) as D.M. Frazier and Elizabeth Barnes. 

Hi there, looking for info on a grandmother of mine.

I know that my Great Grandfather was born in Michigan, in Turner, Arenac County, between 1897-99 (I am thinking he lied about his age on his WWI draft as his marriage certificate puts him 2 years younger). His name was William Joshua Snell. He and his father had moved to Canada by the time he married.

I found him on a 1900 census in Michigan with his father Joshua (spelled Jaswah) and some siblings I didn't know about.

The confusing part is that William's marriage certificate (in Canada) lists his mother as Mary Monker, while the census in Michigan lists her as Hattie. Do you suppose Mary could be a step mother and perhaps his mother passed away?

This Hattie is listed born in Aug 1873 in Michigan, and both of her parents birthplace listed as Michigan. Interested in ideas of where to look to find her last name. 

I'm searching for any information about Johannes Peterson, Swedish emigranti 1901 with destination Marquette, Michigan.

I am searching for any information on William Borrow, he was born about 1822 in Michigan. He married Hannah Borrow, who was born about 1844 and they had 7 Children, William, James H, George, Katie, Louella, Samuel and John. James H is my GG grandfather

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I am trying to find info on George Pine born Oct 24, 1836 who was a Blacksmith in the Village of Marathon, in Lapeer County, MI. He died on Sept 14, 1901 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Columbiaville. His daughter Roxanne married Willis Johnson. George's Parents were Wm. Pine of N.Y. and Mary Borgardus also N.Y. Also would like info and or pictures of Marathon before the turn of the century.

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I am looking for pictures and stories about the Crego family specifically of the descendants and ancestors of Robert H Crego. Please leave me a message regarding anything that you may have about the family of this person and the events surrounding his life both in Michigan and Florida concerning his family
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