For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Michigan
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Discussion  - 
I am looking for information on the Polleiy ( other spellings can also be Polley Palleiy or Palleyi. My grandmother was Ella Polleiy and Her father was Fredrick Polleiy. They wer from Brookfield. Any infor mation is helpful.
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Stephanie Black

Discussion  - 
Looking on any info on my father arthur edwin burns born oct 1919 in michigan he expired in 1981. He was in WWII. I would apperacte any help. Always running into dead ends with no answers
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Did he pass away in February?
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Diane Walter

Discussion  - 
Searching for the burial place of Paulus Michael Walter who died in Nirvana, Michigan.
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Name: Paul M Walter
Age: 74
Birth Year: abt 1846
Birthplace: Indiana
Home in 1920: Cherry Valley, Lake, Michigan
House Number: X
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Widowed
Father's Birthplace: Germany
Mother's Birthplace: Germany
Able to Speak English: Yes
Occupation: Laborer
Industry: General Farm
Employment Field: Wage or Salary
Home Owned or Rented: Rent
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Paul M Walter 74
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Jeff VoVillia

Discussion  - 
I'm searching for a marriage record for Washtenaw county in 1931. I already ordered the familysearch film roll which has an index and got this information. 
Index to Marriages - Washtenaw County Michigan
Rose Anna Marsh
Vol 11. Page 68 Year 1931

However, whenever I look up this information marriage records are not available after 1925 or so. Any thoughts?
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It appears the LDS Church hasn't digitized the marriage records for this area past 1925 yet. 

Here is a link to the Washtenaw Gene Soc FB page - maybe they can be of assistance:
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Les H

Discussion  - 
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Les H
Some really nice Plat Maps. You can change the format to .jpg and you can also print.
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Jeff VoVillia

Discussion  - 
Thought I'd share this video I created highlighting my 2x Great Grandfather who lived, worked and died in Michigan. Enjoy!
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Love it!!!
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Debbie Trogstad

Discussion  - 
I'm looking for any info on Herman May from St Claire, St Clair County, Michigan. He was born in 1810 in Saxony, Germany, immigrated to the US about 1828 when he was about 18 years old. I would like to know his parents' names. Any tidbit of info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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