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i want share this with you, they are some of my creations and give you the possibility to know some traditional Sicilian games.
Russian people are always well accepted by italian but are more accepted if you know how play with this game (it's false :-) but it can't be evil..:-))

С новым годом!

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Ok it's been forever since anyone posted here. So...

Hey I'm looking to either work in or study in Russia. Anyone know of any companies hiring foreigners? Or any really good schools? I just started learning Russian so that hopefully some time within the next year I can be fluent enough to live work and study in Russia.

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Thank you for the support so far, for my idea to change ICANN (the 100% US boss of the launching of new domain names) into a GOANN - global organisation, with all countries as member, thus democratic, like UN (United Nations).

I AM LOOKING FOR SUPPORT FROM ALL CONTINENTS - who does know people interested in this idea from:

(In Europe, India and US we already have good supporters to workout ideas with, but more are welcome!).

Besides democracy worldwide, another obvious advantage is: far MORE DOMAIN EXTENSIONS IN OTHER SCRIPTS!

This script, Latin script, is only a minority....what do you think of India, China, Japan, Korea etc.? Why do almost all extensions have to be ' American extensions'?

Thanks for all ideas and supporters, point them all to me, Philippe Blankert,

or this page

or straight join our G+ community:

With more people, we can make more teams, and work things out in a proposal that we can launch 'to the world' in 1-2 months.

The reali transition into GOANN worldwide may take years, but maube already sponsors can be found for the early, 'consultancy' like phase between white paper/proposal 1.0 and the finalisation of GOANN including staff, procedures, contracts, budgets etc in a few years time.

That WE can do it is technically simple to check out, for example ask 'Open Nic' in the US, or go download the Multiwebbrowser and after opening it type in sites as,, http://grep.geek (Open Nic, and from there to many more .glue etc. sites), the altroot search engine

It took us two years to develop the software, but now we have it all in 1 hand: DNS, browser and search engine. So technology is no issue anymore to start a GOANN.

We would like to have a consensus with all continents on a DNS table of domain extensions, launch more extensions than Icann so far, and certainly most extension in non-Latin script (!).

But above all: being democratic and unifying on a world basis. It is not right that USA 100% decides on Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African, European etc. domain extensions. But let us try to achieve worldwide unity and consensus without '.DNS wars'.

Thank you in advance for all input!

Philippe Blankert (initiator) and team, preliminary addresses: and

26 August 2013
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