walking around the outside of school

walking alone in the hallways

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Name: shadow
Species: hedgehog
Gender: male
Powers: fire, flying and teleportation
Forms: vampire and werehog
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Name: Gitz
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 16 (in situations of rage immortal forever)
Power: Flying, Lightning, Levitation, Telekinesis, Speed ​​of light, Fire, Ice, Teleportation, Communicate by mind, Fury explosion, Super sonic scream, Spells, Control minds, Strength, Throw neon ...
Likes: Friends, Read, Explore, Chilli Dogs, Fighting, Tricks, Challenges, Music, to please, win ...
Dislikes: Enemies, Evil, Threats, Fights, betrayals ...
Love: ???
Dating: ???
Bio: When I was born my parents worked for eggman ... my father discovered that he would make an invention that would destroy the world ... then rebelled against it ... my mother paid the price for it ... my parents were murdered by Eggman ... so I grew up alone ... without anyone ...

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Name: +Joy The Wolf
Age: 16
Gender: female
Likes: action movies, chocolate, and making friends
Dislikes: being flirted by guys, bullies, jerks
Height: 5;0
Crush: none yet

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Name: Shadic w. Takahashi
Second name: Shadic the ultimateReaperwolf
Nickname: wrath
Age: immortal (but looks like 20)
Gender: male
Species: Angel ,Reaper, Demonwolf
Demon,angel,Reaper ranking:Master demon,Master angel,and Master Grim reaper
Good/Evil: both
Forms and powers: unknown
Strength and stamina levels: unknown
Weapons: blue tiger Desert Eagle ,Royal Guardian Sword ,Dragon slayer ,yamato, ultimate Shield
Parents: +Kurumi Takahashi and +Lukas Takahashi The Crimson Reaper Wolf
Relationship: married to genocide blade
Sisters: Kate Takahashi,Kira Takahashi ,Darkness The Emo Demon Fox
Brother: too many names
Kids: +Fredbear the bear
Bio: don't remember my past that much but I know that my mission is to keep my little girl safe since the day that I fine scare and alone so I take her under my wing and rise her as my own
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Full name: Melanie Millenia
Nicknames:Mel,Melaine,Melanie,Merani(Japanese name)
Race: Hedgehog(Apparently a Hedgewolf)
Personality:A bit ignorish nor arrogant,cares her friends and pretty scary when shes not in the mood though she is kinda truly scary -3- ,pretty much silent type like a ninja nor assassin,doesnt talk too much in strangers you may find her scary nor mean nor ignorish when you get to know her more you will see how good she is,she doesnt like to perverts nor annoying guys/girls but pretty much okey on her friends,doesnt like to be in a crowd due to her liking much in the darkness.
General happiness:Drinking a Cherry Blossom Tea near the cherry blossom tree's
Social level:Prefers to be alone only good in her best friends
Positive traits:Care,Helpful
Negative traits:Ignorish,Silent,Thirst for Blood Spree
Fav foods:Sweet Foods
Fav drinks:Shakes
Fav colors:Black,Blue,Red,Pink
Hobbies:Drawing,Singing,Doing a job in an assassin dark association
General info
Crush/dating Status:Single
Current home:Her Mansion
Birthplace:UnKnOwN DiMeNsIoN
Enemies:Scourge,Nazo,Mephiles,Eggman,Neckron(my evil character :/)
Favored weapon:Big Bertha(Light and Dark),Guns
Weapon skills:Dark Slash(Sword Skill),Rapid Dark Shot(Gun Skill),Rain of Swords(Sword Skill)
Flame of Anger(the second picture)It activates when someone attacks her friends or her love ones.the effect of flame of anger it strengthen her 5x and a rapid fire and a dark element power.
Seraph of End-It activates when a friend of love ones died right infront of her eyes.its the most rare power and it takes a lot of energy it can take her life or make her ageless but can change her look though.
Rage of Fire or Solar Elemental Blast-It activates when shes in serious mode nor in bad situation when this activates she can escape or teleport because of the flash effect of the skill and damage a bit of the enemy
Dragon Roar-a paralyzing skill but sometimes fail if the enemy is a dragon,pheonix,lizard,birds,lion nor gods.
Dark Whirlwind-a wind technique that push away near her but it wont work to birds,pheonix and someone that uses wind element
Nine Tails Form-will only activate if theres a sakura tree or petal near her(the second pic)
(Etc......too many darn ability!)
Percentage of Elements That I Can Control:
Dark and Light=95%
-Water and Wind=79%
(Same as Speed bruh -.)
Other info
History:Melanie was born in a dark dimension then fell to a different dimension portal and fall like a meteor and shes just an adopted girl as time goes on a war happened between lighthog and darkhog vs rebel lighthog and darkhog as the war going to end somehow someone turned his adopted father to evil and the reason is unknown and her adopted mother was killed for protecting her as she escaped she met seraph and train hard to beat him as time pass she met many good friends to trust.
(the end 3)
Birthplace:UnKnOwN DiMeNsIoN
Parents:(just an adopted but i will put who adopted me)
=Mercy The LightHog (Dead)
Neckron The DarkHog
Anything else:Master at Swords skills and Martial Arts even at dodging but i can get hit though ;;
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Name:Melanie Millenia
Birthday:April 28
Species:Hedgehog/Part Lighthog/Part Darkhog
Blood:Half Light/Half Dark
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Speed: unknown
Power:Dark beam,Light Beam,Light and Dark Beam,Chaos Dark Blast,Chaos Light Blast,Chaos Dark and Light Blast,Dark Slash,(Learn more in rp T_T)
Dislikes:Bad guys/girls,hurting my friends,making me cry,tickles me,Playboys,Flirting,Perverts >:( and MOST OF ALL ARE RAPIST!
Weapons:Chains,Legendary Dark Sword,Legendary Light Sword,Quadra Machine Gun,Rapier
Goal:To protect my friends and i care
Siblings:Kunari The BlackSunHog,Rinaku The LightSunHog
Parents:Mercy The Lighthog,Neckron The Darkhog
Special Skill:Dark And Light Dragon Slash,Dragon Roar
Pets:Light Dragon|melina|,Dark Pheonix|Shio
Language:Tagalog,English,Japanese(a little bit)
Birthplace: Unknown
Theme Songs:https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWi97g6hDww
Sad: Fairytail-Merry Go Round
(Believing myself when i almost forgot believe myself): Fairytail-Believe in Myself
Bio: Melanie is just a lone wolf she has lost her family she just treat kunari as a brother and rinaku as a sister the time when her parents gone was the war started a billion yrs ago in a different unknown dimension as melanie she started journing since she was 4 yrs old since she was journying she got some friends and now her goal is to protect those she love and her friends

Quote:Remember Theres No Eternal Enemies
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Age: 170,000,000



Personality:Happy, sad, lonely, can be sweet but will rage if u piss him off, mostly sweetheart cuz he doesn't wanna be like mean dudes, poor at finding love, and mostly, emo and abit gothic

Sexual Orientation:Straight you know that

Battle Beginning Quote:"Okay, I guess..." and "Alright let's do this"

Battle Taunt Quote: "Is that all u have you lazy person?"

Battle Win Quotes: "That was fun, maybe again next time" and "Anyone else wanna do this?" and "I didn't want a bad time for this

Battle Lost Quote: "*sighs*" and "I'll get u next time"


How he get powers:something that emos do

Emo,goth,or neither:both

Good or bad:depends

Weapons:combat knife, power sword, shotgun, smg, ARs, more guns (too lazy for this sorry), brass knuckles, and lastly his bare hands

Bio:will be told later on about him

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Name: Kigh
Background: killed his parents and after his twin siblings
Likes: blood
Dislikes: flowers
Powers: Force field and control of fire
Personality: twisted, only kind to a chosen few, mean, bad boy
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