How do I choose an appropriate paper for my offset printing project?
Ans : Glossy Vs. Matte: Glossy papers convey quality and sophistication, and they make photos “pop,” but their shine also can make text harder to read. Matte papers project an “environmentally friendly” image, and their soft white appearance makes for good text legibility.
Light Vs. Heavy: Lighter weight papers say “value” and are economical for mailing, while thicker papers typically are more opaque and more durable, making them a good choice for pieces that feature a lot of text or are intended to have a long shelf-life.

What does CMYK mean?
Ans :CMYK refers to the 4 primary colours that are used in a printer to produce colours across the full spectrum.
C - Cyan

M - Magenta

Y - Yellow

K - Black

By mixing these four colours in varying amounts, a high quality printer can accurately reproduce almost any colour except Silver and golden.

The purpose of the is to provide the nearest price structure in the printing industry and thereby provide an easy and fast way to estimate average prices on standard printing jobs. helps both print buyers and sellers obtain qualified estimates of the market price on a given job. The realistic pricing on printed matter, is useful when making the print budget or marketing plan. Its also a good tool to benchmark one's own pricing or that of one's supplier. initiative started in 2013 to sort out the huge “price variation dilemma” in the “printing jobs” for the print client. This initiative involves informal co-operation between buyers, production managers from the printing industry, advertising agencies and researchers. In the following two years a database was made with material and pricing on printed goods. The data was then combined with a set of sophisticated calculation software to extend and calculate input data. At the same time a search- interface/calculator was made to the participants who gave them a fast and easy access to verify budgetary cost. After the original project was done many of the participants found that they wanted to continue making use of the calculator. Print-buyers found that the calculator saved them a lot of valuable time, especially when planning future print budgets.

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