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R : Have a look about information retrieval document search using vector space model

DSE 501 > Week 6 Discussion Traditional BI vs New BI

Download and read Cloud Analytics Playbook. Distinguish Traditional BI Architecture with the New or Analytics-Oriented BI Architecture. What are the constraints or drawbacks of traditional BI? How does Analytics-Oriented BI overcome these limitations. How would you deliver Big Data Analytics on the Cloud using the New BI Architecture?

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DSE 501 > Week 5 Discussion

Read Data scientists are the top athletes of the enterprise world. Discuss why there such a shortage of Data Scientists. What in your opinion should the organizations do in order to build an effective and winning Data Science and Big Data Analytics practice?

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DSE 501 > Week 4 Discussion Sources of Innovation  

Read Peter F. Drucker’s classic paper The Discipline of Innovation In this paper Drucker talks about 7 sources of Innovation. Explore these sources in the context of Big-Data Innovation, Evidence-oriented Decision Systems and Business Transformation. Discuss what new sources of innovation are available to us today in the modern world. For the best possible engagement, read Drucker’s paper first and then engage in discussion.

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Week 3 Discussion > Close encounter with Singularity and Machine SuperIntelligence

Watch Living Machines - The Rising of the Robot Discuss the coming close encounter with Singularity, when machine intelligence overtakes human intelligence, as popularized by Ray Kurzweil and others. What are the ethical implications? Should we welcome this as Data Scientists? Or should this be avoided altogether? Can an argument be made in favor of machine superintelligence since this does not equate to consciousness, so Robots will never become self-conscious and taken over humanity?

Living Machines - The Rising of the Robot

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Week 2 Discussion > Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Download and read EU report Big Data Case Study on Artificial Intelligence

How is AI being used to augment Big Data Analytics capability? What do you think are the benefits of employing AI for Big Data processing. What are the drivers in your industry/field of opportunity to employ AI with Big Data. What do you see as obstacles? Site examples. What would be policy recommendations for your industry or organization?

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DSE 501 > Week 1 Discussion

Download and read McKinsey report "Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity." Why do you think there is an intersection between Big Data and Innovation? What are your thoughts and ideas on how Big Data Innovation can boost productivity in your organization or industry? What in your view are new business opportunities involving Big Data? How are early adopters tapping into these opportunities? Site examples.

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DSE 501 > Optional Q&A

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