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Name- Koran 
Age- 16
Nation- Water Nation
Bending Ability- Water.Blood. Healing. Ice. Earth.  
Where They Live- Northern Water Tribe
Appearance- Black-brown hair. grey eyes. 5' 6". Tan. Athletic Build. 
Personality- Kind. Calm. Mysterious. Secretive. Smart.

Bio- She was born in the Water nation. But when she was 6 she was kidnapped and sold as a slave. She got away 6 years later and went back to the Northern Water Tribe where she had been born. She found out that her parents had died. She now teaches other water benders how to bend.

I am a 14 year old Waterbender who is the long lost brother of Yakone named Arrluk (killer whale). Arrluk grows up in the Northern Water Tribe until his parents abandon him, and he is found by Southern water tribe members. At age 8, he is sent to Katara to train as a waterbender, and has lived there ever since.
Appearance: 5', black hair, traditional water tribe robes
Personality: Sassy, kind of like Toph
Bending ability: Bloodbending, Waterbending, Icelightning

(RP WITH +Theresa Kay but anyone can join.) I was walking down trying to read my map up until I walked straight into the place I was looking for. That's right. I, the avatar, need help earth bending. Most would think I would have trouble with fire but no. Here I am trying not to cry after bumping my head on the Ba Sing Se Bending Academy. I guess I was too wrapped up in reading my map. I handed in my student slip and trudged off to my first class, it might not be earth bending but I could brush up on the other elements too.

+Silver Ocean Jackson do we have to say our actual age? 

+Theresa Kay  had the great idea of Ba Sing Se Bending School! It has been added to the RP categories and I hope you can all RP in that scenario.

Would anyone like to RP?

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Name- Shira
Age- 16
Nation-water tribe
Bending Ability- water
Where they live-air kingdom
Personality- smart decent hot headed wise clever mysterious
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Name: Kurzon
Age: 15
Where they live: Fire Nation
Appearance: 5'4, short black hair, red eyes, same clothing as Aang in the FN school
Bio: born and raised in a wealthy family, my parents managed to raise me to be the heir to their company, one that makes steel for the FN. But I enjoyed my bending far too much, and wanted to use it to help others. So I went around the town helping others. I thought the Firelord taking over the world was ridiculous. I wished I could do something, but I sadly couldn't. I was ibe firebender against hundreds. When Aang ended the War, I decided to travel all over the Fire Nation to help others. I found out I was almost to the Capital City, so I decided to see if I could somehow help Aang and his friends fix the mess the war left.

Uh, Aang and Zuko established the United Republic and Republic City during Aang reign as Avatar. That still happened! I get that you don't want all the new technology, but still.
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