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Isn't it funny when you SEE all Moments that lead up to this present moment?

All those years of self-doubt, reflection, worry when I thought I wasn't going with the spiritual flow. Doubting that I was doing the right thing, angst and more frighteningly, the fear that I had finally lost your mind!

Well! This is one of those moments and phew! does it feel like a real huge sense of relief!!!


....For the passed three years or so, I have disconnected from any outside Spiritual learning!

None of the present day leaders seem to inspire me and so I found myself BEing with my own Divine. Truly looking inwards more so than everbefore ...

And during this time at the physical level, I was living with my 'Menopause'. (apologies men)

But even in these horrible of times, the biggest story of all began to immerge!

I found myself shouting out (a lot) 'what about me?' 'what about me?'

'what about me?' (I do live with three men!)

It seemed that I had spent a whole life of giving to others; before myself. That I had to be grateful for everything....even when I had nothing... literally!

I had to keep giving; my time; my love; my money; my attention; my affection and most importantly... my the church of the day!

The mantra always; Don't think of yourself!' You are not worthy. You are not good enough and you definitely aren't Divine.

For, no one other than those chosen can be and will be, accepted! as Divinity.

But as I looked around, all I could see was others take, take ,take. There was no gratitude, no love, no sharing. Just everyday people , politicans and religious authorities telling us to give more while they took more.

....All of our Spiritual background up to this point is/has been based from this Give perspective:

Put a positive smile on your face; even when your world is falling apart. Don't you dare to focus on your self.

( I have taught Positive thinking and believe in its merits.)

Be grateful for every single thing and moment you have. For you are truly fortunate that you have ANYTHING!

And the newest of all:

Pay it forward. Give back for what you have been given!


NO, Really Why?

The saying 'you don't give to recieve?' So ingrained in our very BEing, along with many other ridiculous Constructs!

Well the truth can be said of....

'you don't receive to give!!!


Last year I even found myself feeling quite a lot of antipathy towards the whole Spiritual, Mind body thing...

It felt so alien to me-


At this point I should mention to those who do not know my work, that the last ten years? have been spent working with and shifting into the New Earth Energies.

My connection very deeply felt to each and every energetic shift and, my part was to assist in 'anchoring' these new energies to our Earth.

And as they changed, so too did my own vibrational journey. Matching our new Earth Energies....and creating this space to learn about Divinity anew!

What was presented to and through me from that Divine Connection was a Truly new Spiritual School of Thought! One to suit the energies in our New School:Planet Earth.

Not led from past understandings and based solely on our OWN Connection AS the Divine!

No esoterics, just plain Human BEings learning abour their TRUTH. Without any labels, any uniform or any dogmatic, power controlling energy!

Just the simplicity of the human and the magnificence of THEIR Divine.

Unencumbered, simple, easy, loving, perfect beautification without the fear of blasphemy or being expelled from Heaven :-)

We are not from it, or part of it. We are it! And for the last, can't remember years, I have been saying that 'You are the Master of Your Ship. The only Guru for you IS you.'

So this is where the New School energy continues on from. It is created in THIS moment; just as we too are created in THIS moment!

It is about your Divinity and SEEING yourself as such. It's about Trusting in yourself (Divine), Knowing yourself (Divine), Honouring yourself (Divine.)

Most importantly. It's about Worshipping yourself!
As you Truly do so, so too do the people and world you are living in. Become a place full of worshipers of the Divine Presence....which is us!!

So, My question now is...

How would you feel if the only BEing you worshipped was you? How would you feel, if you were told to worship yourself?

Take your time to answer. Sit with this question, let it sink in and then say...

'I Worship MY Sacred Space.'

With ALL my BEing, I worship MY Sacred Space.'


Welcome to our New World you beautiful Pioneers xxx

Jacqueline Cullen.

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