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As part of our likely shutdown of this Community or handoff to a new owner, all new membership approvals are suspended immediately. I've just now approved the 2 non-spammer non-YouTuber promotions-only applications that were in the queue. Rejected as sell-promoters, off-topic, or obvious spammers, the other 8.

New owner of the Community, if there is one, can make her or his own decisions and policies on this.
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Moderator / Community Owner note: Likely CLOSURE of this Community and request for type-of-shutdown feedback Because we're all about full disclosure and giving you information, here's my and Lisa's thinking and then a poll with your request for suggestions. Which you can also make in the comments or expand upon your (public) vote. Because this isn't a democracy, I don't guarantee we will follow your advice or vote but we certainly will respect it and it will inform our shutdown decision making.

There's a strong possibility that +Lisa Mercer and I, your community hosts here, will be discontinuing this Google Plus Community in the near future. It's rather obvious that traffic here has fallen way off, that G+ is even less central to Google's plans than it was, and that overall this social network has lost any real chance at market share. Thus any communities here are likely a declining and eventually involuntarily terminated place. Better to wind it down under a plan.

It's also rather obvious that both I, and especially Lisa, have not chosen to be very active here for at least the past year, nor very much so on the other parts of our overall Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me site network. Lots of reasons for that, some we haven't really fully explored and understood ourselves yet, but I'm taking the old Jimmy Buffet and "Personality Psychology of Behavior 301" advice of "Changes in attitude, changes in latitude" that when one observes a change in one's latitude of behavior it means your underlying attitudes have changed (rather than attitude resulting in behavior.) I'm clearly not nearly as interested in either sharing info about living in and moving to Uruguay as I used to be, nor about participating about it in social media, especially on a dying network.

We can do, what limited amount we still feel like of writing, sharing, discussing, better if we focus on only one or two places, which likely will be our Facebook Page for Uruguay Expat Life, maybe a revitalization of our main website https://UruguayExpat.Info (that's the actual web address), and to a limited degree, participation in one particular Uruguay expat group on Facebook - the "nice one", which was started (not by us) in response to the nastiness and US/Brit/Euro-exceptionalism of the "Uruguay Expats" group there.

That "Nice group" is "Uruguay Expat Community" (note the singular on "Expat") which can be found at Note that it is a Facebook "Closed Group" which unfortunately means its content is unsearchable by and invisible to anybody who is not a member of that Facebook Group itself, in addition to having to be a Facebook member. (Also totally invisible to search engines.) Unfortunate because that means "You have to join it to see what's in it" (to paraphrase a certain bad US legislator) and thus cannot be a good start to a newcomer's attempt to learn about living in Uruguay - which was what our intent was to be here at this Google Community.

Lisa Mercer is one of the moderators of that Facebook Group, and I am a somewhat regular participant, so there is some of our info and perspective, but it is neither sponsored by us nor any part of the Uruguay Expat Life Site Network. However it is the best remaining Uruguay expat type of group on Facebook.

All that said, and without making any promises about what will be the outcome, Lisa and I would welcome feedback and suggestions about what to do about this particular Google+ Community.

Please vote in the poll and leave a note in the comments as to your suggestion on how to close down this Google+ Uruguay Expat Life Community, or otherwise de-involve ourselves from it. Thank you to members old and new, and for all your participation and help to others.

Do remember we are still around at and htts:// as active (sorta) parts of our official site network, and más-o-menos on Twitter at And no, you "don't need a Twitter" to read Twitter.

edit: Poll choice 2 is hopefully obviously "A long term member we vet takes it over" but the last 2 letters of "over" got cut off. Poll text isn't editable once posted, for obvious fairness reasons. Hope you got the meaning. And the Facebook group`we'll "See ya" on is the one in the picture.
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A long-term member we vet takes it ov
Leave it open but we ignore, it spamrots
Something else you suggest in comments
We just shut it down. See ya on Facebook
A long-term member we vet takes it ov
Leave it open but we ignore, it spamrots
Something else you suggest in comments

Everybody who is already here in Uruguay holding up OK under the hot summer weather?

Anyone know what the equivalent of US' poison ivy looks like here? After being here 4 years without running into it, I got into it but was rambling over such a wide area, I can't say what the culprit looks like.

Hello All, i am a 51yy French male with Caribbean decent, just validated my French Pastry Chef diploma, looking to come stay a while in beautiful Uruguay, i would like to settle, if all goes well, my plan is to work on my own, until maybe one day i can open my own boutique...
But i heard Black people aren't well liked, their lives very hard and confronted with everyday, everywhere obstacles ..., could anyone confirm or deny this..?
I know Latin America can be "funny" at times but i traveled quite a bit and always found good people and friends...! I sure hope Uruguay has a lot to offer, i wouldn't want to have it too easy...but not too hard too.

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We've had a busy spring. Moved onto a massive country mansion between Pan de Azucar and Gerona - closer to PdA. When I say massive I mean massive.

The downstairs has an enormous master suite that is almost as big as the entire last house we lived in with a walk in closet, and a bath with separate toilet room, shower, and jacuzzi. Also downstairs are two additional bathrooms with en suites, skinny but spacious kitchen, laundry room, huge formal dining room and living room, and a study, as well as a large entry. Huge four car garage.

Upstairs are a big bedroom, a huge bath with a claw foot tub, and another large sitting room to walk through into yet another big bedroom. My daughter and her best friend who arrives January 31 live upstairs, accessible by a large internal two landing stairway off the front entry of the house.

HUGE covered porch out back tiled and raised. Parilla, full sink, high prep table, extra gas oven outside, seating for a dozen or more, real wood tables and chairs. The enormous barn has almost the footprint of the house. We've got about an acre and a half fenced with electric to keep the dogs in (come tomorrow we'll have NINE dogs), five hectares+ in total all fenced.

I landed a celebrity client last fall which allowed us to save up and manage the incredibly crippling deposit and also secure a nice double cab pickup (not USA make, one of the little work trucks, Chinese manufacturer). We and the dogs are unbelievable happy.

Ariel view, more pics to follow if anyone is interested. Land extends further back than the photo shows, lines on left and right are side property lines; the slanted line in back is not the end of the property but a pair of fences where the old railway went thru (there's a strip of public property where the tracks are.)

To combat spam and abuse, effective November 12, 2017, new members must request to join the group, and will need to wait to be approved by one of the moderators before posting. (Currently, mods are +Lisa Mercer and myself.)

Also effective now, we will not be approving Business Pages and Companies to join as themselves, except in very rare exceptions, where we know the owner of the business or the business has a well-known impeccable reputation both for its real-world and online behavior.

Again, because of all the Spam, and the "raw link dropping" without discussion starters, that businesses and too many spammers have done here.

Not what I wanted to do, but sadly necessary. For now, at least, and very much unlike the various Facebook Uruguay Expat Groups (we don't sponsor those), this Community and all your posts will remain fully Public in visibility, so that your posts can help even non-members.

Hello! I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their favorite mutualista in Uruguay. We just arrived last week and it looks as if it would be best to use one of them, rather than Blue Shields.
We were looking at Medica Uruguaya, Mautone, Círculo Católico, or ASSE. Need to have insurance when traveling three months out of the year as well.
Grateful for any thoughts on the matter!

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Hey Everyone, my family and i are looking to move to Uruguay in a couple of months. We don't really know where to start. My mom is an accountant, so are there any business that are looking to hire an accountant. We would also like to live somewhere were English is used a lot, ( any suggestions of towns). We dont want to be in the cities but we dont want to be to far away. We are also entertainers , so we will need to be close to a place that will need entertainment. If anyone can help us out it would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. we are also looking for someone to help us with our transition to uruguay.
Below is a link to our band so you guys can get a better feel of what we do.
Thank you

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