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Updated 18 Nov 2016: "Link-dropping" will be considered Spam, and count as your Zero-Strikes immediate (or when we get to it) ban, block, and report to Google.

Do not simply drop a link to your blog, company website, YouTube video, other forum/site, nor anything else. Even if it is "expat/immigrant" related, even if it is about Uruguay life. If you do not write at least a few words, specific to the audience of this community about its relevance to all of us in or considering Uruguay living, then do not post it. Yes, even if it is a "life in Uruguay blog".

You need to participate with meaningful content to be allowed to post links.

Note that violating a G+ Community's terms of service makes it a violation of Google's own rules, even if your post might have been OK elsewhere on Google services. Which means you/your company can lose not only your access to this Community, not only your access to (still not dead!) Google+, but your entire Google Account. Your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Photos, AdSense, AdWords, even being able to use your Android phone or tablet.

With apologies to Philip K. Dick, "Flow my tears, the Community Owner said."

--- now back to the original anti-spam message ---

¡Basta con SPAM! Community owners myself and +Lisa Mercer are  in a zero-tolerance mood about spammy posts. Especially because other members of the Community are starting to complain.

ZERO STRIKES. Post a spammy post and you're simultaneous Blocked, Banned from the community, and reported to Google for violation. Note that "reported to Google" can lead to you losing your ENTIRE Google account - Gmail, Google Calendar, all your YouTube comments, your YouTube channel, your Google Play purchases, your Android login...

And if you have a website linked to by your SPAM, I just might try to get it taken down for violation of your hosting company's terms of service. Same if your email account can be determined. Had an affiliate link? You're getting reported to Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Linkshare, or whomever else you use. You might lose your whole moneymaker scam. Note that I'm pretty good about tracking down that kind of thing.

Go ahead, make my day.

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Would you like to work with American students for the winter? My company is looking to hire Site Managers for Montevideo, who will accompany and coordinate the visit of pre-med students on their fellowship to Montevideo. The ideal candidates would be fluent in Spanish and English and know Montevideo very well! 

I'm trying to find info on how to get from Montevideo to Colonia del Sacramento and then back to Carrasco Airport. I know there's a bus and a boat. However my Spanish is mediocre and the websites I think have what I need are only in Spanish. HELP PLEASE. 

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Dany is approx 3 months old - she was so tiny when we got her she could barely walk - but she has practically visibly gotten bigger every day over the past 2 months.

We have started to think she's actually a purebred. Classic Rottie from head to tail and the most perfect markings I've ever seen. She LOVES water, rarely barks, and is possibly the CHILLEST dog I've ever met.

And this is where I get to eat some crow. I'm early forties, and have never been a dog person. I have very strict rules about the dogs - they can come in the house only if their owner is watching them, they don't LIVE in the house, and they CERTAINLY don't sleep in the bedroom or (god forbid) in the bed.

All that went out the window for this sweet girl. I'm so sunk it's not even funny. She even got to sleep in the bed (although that is tapering off as she gets so big now). She is a house dog - she goes outside to play with the big pack but then comes in and has a ridiculous amount of toys and a bed and different collars and treats and stuff.

If she stays true to breed she'll be BIG and she's the perfect indoor security in case someone got the gate open in the night and the other dogs ran off instead of eating them. And she's honestly got the best temperament of any dog I've ever encountered in my life. <3


Re: Spammy tax post--just was sharing an experience that turned out positive. Deleted. In summary however, one of the "ex-pat tax services" that routinely post on sites provided a quote higher than anybody else---$400 for what I got done for $100. That said, point of post was to say I found a place to get legitimate quotes, got one, service was excellent. Perhaps everyone else has solved this issue long ago.

As our daughter approaches age 18, we may become a two house family. She has said for some time she would like to move out with her galgo and try living alone, in preparation for next June when her best friend from the US is planning on joining her here.

A local mini mercado owner here whom we have known fairly well for almost 2 years has a 2 bed 1 bath house with full furnishings and appliances and a completely fenced yard for the dog available 2 blocks from the Playa Grande beach about 20 minutes walk from here (perhaps 10 uphill on a bicycle, and less than that for the return trip.)

They only want around $450 a month for it, and it's only 3 years old and quite nice. She works for my company and can handily make $1000 per month working approx 4-5 hours a day, leaving her plenty of time to study. That's enough to cover rent, utilities, food for her and her dog, and a few extras per month. She also has freelance opportunities on a number of platforms if she wants more pocket money.

Best of all no guarantia, and a month to month lease through the winter to see how she does on her own. It's a good "training wheels" exercise and lets her see if she is ready for independence. She is completing her high school diploma and will be ready for college by the time her friend gets here - at which point the cost for the house and utilities will instantly go down by half.

Wish her luck!

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I already mentioned this, but buried in a reply to another member, in a long comment thread. Posting here to surface it for others. Deal on a "CD" in the "indexed" currency here, the UI. Triple the normal interest for time deposits, on this already inflation-indexed "currency".

BROU, the bank we all love to hate but have to deal with at least when dealing with other people and businesses here, has a "triple-interest" offer, this month only, on Plazo Fijo deposits (the UY term for what US folks call a "CD - Certificate of Deposit") - those denominated in the psuedo-currency called Unidad Indexada (U.I.) The UI is basically a "Cost of Living" or "Consumer Price Index" tracking psuedo-currency. Where Uruguay is somewhat of a "managed economy" with a lot of "democratic socialism" ("somewhat"??), the amount the UI goes up is published a few months in advance, rather than more logically being a "Hey, how much did prices go up?" observation.

Nonetheless, unlike the Uruguayan Peso, or the unofficial second currency, the US Dollar ("unofficial"??), the UI is the only consumer-available "bank deposit currency" that track the real increase in cost of living here, más-o-menos. And it is closely related to, though not identical to, the Unidad Reajustable used to price various government services and forms, and the Unidad Reajustable de Alquileres (the Rental Cost adjustable unit, the URA). The URA in turn is what the government uses to determine the URA Coefficient, which is the published amount by which landlords are allowed to raise your rent during each year of a multi-year contract. (Maximum contracts/leases here being 2 years with a 3rd year option, with increase by the URA coefficient each year's anniversary.)

The UI isn't the URA. But it's the closest thing you can do a guaranteed bank deposit in. Which if you're a renter (like me) or if you are saving for something that you know may well vary with the inflation rate, may make sense for keeping up with Uruguay prices with an in-Uruguay indexed "currency".

Basically, X amount in UI, at the peso cost today, should be worth about the same buying power in pesos (which will be a bigger number) a year from now. Plus normally a small amount of interest on UI time deposits. BROU, however, has this "triple the interest" short-term deal on the UI "CD".

But only if you open it online. Which means that you have to already have a BROU account (at least a basic caja de ahorros - no-interest savings), and a BROU online profile that is of a higher level than the sometimes-default "Consultas". I won't go into all the "fun" I had upgrading my profile a few months ago to one that now can do online payments, transfers to other banks, and in theory open new accounts. But it involved a lot of password-re-typing, weirdly-buried menu structures where options aren't where you think they would be, and a trip to a BROU ATM/Autoservismo in order to confirm, in "person" to the machine, the changes I requested online.

However, if you have all that, or can get it going, you might be interested.

Has anyone had any experience using a north american uninterruptible power supply in UY? I have 2 for my computer equip (yes I have a lot) and was hoping that using a transformer to drop the voltage will allow me to use the UPSs. The difference is the 60Hz vs 50Hz issue. Searching the web on this subject is an invitation to be buried in useless info.

Hi everyone. I just took the leap to become an expat and decided on Uraguay. Based on my research, it seems to be what I am looking for. I will arrive May 24, 2017 and will be looking to rent a place to avoid extended hotel stays. I am single, AA female professional. Looking to make expat connections and lasting friendships. If you know if any rental leads, I certainly will appreciate it. Otherwise, I open myself up to any tips you might have as I begin to arrive.

OK, what do you call the clothes drying apparatus that is on a pole outside and revolves?
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