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¿Cuál país posee el mayor y mejor Fútbol de las Américas?
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Fútbol Argentino
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Futebol Brasileiro
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Fútbol Colombiano
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Fútbol Uruguaio
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Entre los equipos de fútbol más grandes del mundo, ¿quién es el más grande?
Entre essas maiores Seleções de Futebol do Mundo, quem é a maior?
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Hello! I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their favorite mutualista in Uruguay. We just arrived last week and it looks as if it would be best to use one of them, rather than Blue Shields.
We were looking at Medica Uruguaya, Mautone, Círculo Católico, or ASSE. Need to have insurance when traveling three months out of the year as well.
Grateful for any thoughts on the matter!


I am moving from the US to Uruguay in a week or so, and will be living there for a year on a research fellowship. I am trying to figure out how to get the best exchange rate...anyone know if it is better to withdraw pesos from a US bank account using an ATM in Uruguay (and get the VISA exchange rate), or to bring dollars in cash and exchange them on arrival (and get the local bank’s exchange rate)?


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Hey Everyone, my family and i are looking to move to Uruguay in a couple of months. We don't really know where to start. My mom is an accountant, so are there any business that are looking to hire an accountant. We would also like to live somewhere were English is used a lot, ( any suggestions of towns). We dont want to be in the cities but we dont want to be to far away. We are also entertainers , so we will need to be close to a place that will need entertainment. If anyone can help us out it would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. we are also looking for someone to help us with our transition to uruguay.
Below is a link to our band so you guys can get a better feel of what we do.
Thank you

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I am trying to find expats who were able to purchase a home in Uruguay in US dollars without having to make the exchange to pesos. I'd be truly grateful if someone would connect with me, or perhaps shortly discuss the process they underwent.
Thanks very much in advance,

Hello all, I am manual wheelchair user who is moving to Montevideo for 9 months starting next year. I'll be teaching integrated dance at a school for disabled youths, however I've been told that the city is not very accessible. Does anyone know of organizations in the city that help people with disabilities find accessible housing? What obstacles should I expect? I'm also curious how healthcare works. I use certain medications and medical supplies, does anyone have any experience trying to get specific medications manufactured in the US down in Uruguay? Is it difficult to get a doctor to write you a prescription if they are available? Thanks!

Hello all! Delighted to know the group's stance on integrating in the new situation: being an immigrant to Uruguay, as opposed to the isolationist "expat".

My husband Ion and I (Laila) are dreaming about leaving the US for good , upon retiring in 1-2 years, hopefully sooner. We are both artists, we are self employed and still work in the jewelry industry. We will be coming for our first visit to Uruguay Nov.28-Dec.19 and would like to establish contact with other people who came to Uruguay later in life.
As we are originally from Romania, another 3rd world country, we are pliable and malleable to whatever is awaiting us. Our expectations are for a simpler life, eye contact with people rare commodity in the US, alas, taking care of critters, going back to the little things that make existence worthwhile.
I am fluent in Spanish, Ion is still shy to talk, but understands 85%.
1.We would like to know if any of you guys have any suggestions on where to go to check things out for the future, besides the vecindarios and colonias mentioned in the travel guides. We would like to buy a small 2BR house with some land around, in the outskirts... Modest.
2. Anybody knows if there could be a market for serious internal martial arts teaching? T'ai Chi, Chi-Gong, Pa-Kua Chang? For baby-boomers, for health, for real self-defense? Ion is a world class martial arts practitioner and teacher. We do need to figure out some additional income sources...
3. Do people put all their $$$ in Uy. banks, or leave some in US banks? I still shiver thinking of what happened in Argentina, few years back...
4. I kept trying to find current info. on bringing pets over... All info I found is years old... Any suggestions? We have 4 small dogs and 2 ancient cats...

Enough questions for the moment!
I'm very glad I found this community.
All our best to all and we are looking forward to hearing from you.
laila and ion ionescu
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