Coral is hanging around and estuary +Book Beast292

Who wants to rp?

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Name- Apollo
Element- fire
Age- 1600
Gender- male
Likes- blending in, bacon, the summer, cheese, humans, books, friends, cars, riding motorcycles,
Dislikes- being a spirit, perky people, loud people, parties, most girls
Personality- calm, collected, funny, fairly quiet, sarcastic

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Aeolus is sitting on a cloud in the evening waiting for Solana
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Name- Coral 
Element- water
Age- 1,800
Gender- female
Likes- fish, water, coral reefs, reef sharks, all spirits, swimming
Dislikes- fire, when people mistreat her ocean and marine animals, people using the ocean without her permission, pollution
Personality- sarcastic, protective, a lover and a fighter, she's acts as if she is an older sister to everyone, it doesn't matter who, slightly bossy, mature, loving, powerful, skilled
Bio: Coral sort of rules the ocean. She''s a motherly figure to all oceanic life and a sisterly figure toward all other spirits. Unlike most water spirits, Coral's fine with fire spirits, as long as they don't try to murder her. Coral is the go-to spirit for any weather involving the ocean. You need her permission unless you want to feel her "wrath" (which will be Coral nearly drowning you; therefore making sure you won't ever misuse her ocean again.)

Coral lounges in the shallow waters of the shore, chatting with Solana

Solana is laying down on a "low" cloud, looking at the others (Closed to +Book Beast292)

Ilianthos is lying on her flower bed, reading her favorite book

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Name- Jie (meaning- Pure)
Element- Earth
Age- 1,703
Gender- Male
Likes- controlling plants, other Earth spirits, female spirits (because they are gentle), animals
Dislikes- recklessness, earthquakes, pollution, deforestation
Personality- quiet, collective, gentle, wise, romantic, alluring, mysterious, calm, smart

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