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Hooray for the release of Happy home designer! Who got it? What amiibo cards did you get? Let me know! This is my fav card

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Does anyone have any of these villagers that I can have
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Name: millie
Town name: home (no capitals for either)
Native fruit: apples
DA: 7400-6144-3921


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Hey everyone! So you might have noticed that this community has been a bit... dead. But I havr to decided to start posting again! Also I'm playing rn so anyone want to come over? My fc is:

Also I'm going to be selling many unorderables as soon as i finish organizing!

I wanna play!

Also, what should I sell?
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Silver tools
Pave items
Random stuff
Mystery items
Other (put ideas in the comments!)

I just reset my 2ds and now I'm looking for people to exchange friend codes with.

I just joined and I'm hoping I can make some nice friends on here, so here is a bit about mahself in acnl:

Name: LillyZ
Town: Yumyland
FC: 1907-8251-4992
Birthday: 10 16
Dream Address: 4300-3199-1007
Town Registered: October 16 2013
Current Villagers: Tex, Fang, Static, Beau, Pango (Trying to get her out but I don't hate her I just want a different peppy villager) Antonio, Fuchsia, Chadder, and ugh, Caroline (im trying to get her out asap) So I love all of them except those two xD
Dreamies: Lolly, Bianca, Flora, and Whitney (I cant get her yet because she moved out a year ago and I have not cycled through enough villagers)

I am quite active but I don't trust strangers in my town until I know I can trust them xD

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Whos with me on either
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I'm looking 4 a girlfriend on ACNL...ik that sounds weird, but i feel i need 1...its good practice; and who knows?! I might actually find my future wife!!! My FC is 3325-3751-5674. I also have imessage and stuff if u wanna communicate 4 real...let me know when and other stuff!
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