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Hello I am new. My name is moona

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(Open rp for one)
(Playing as My oc octavia)
It was sunset. Tonight was the pack celebration after the war with the wild wolves. I heard a few paw steps. I turned around and seen you standing there.
(Romance&war rp)

Guys guess what! I'm also xxakjgames5xx!! You probully hate me know!

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Wolf profile:

Name: Alister (Aka: Alice)
Age: 2 (14 in wolf years I think correct me if I'm wrong)
Gender: Female
Pack: Wild wolf
Rank: Warrior
Bio: Family was killed by hunters. Only one left alive out of the fanily
Personality: Sarcastic, quite, protective, fast, not really social, very defensive, and has strong senses

(Is it okay if my wolf has wings?)

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Name: rose
Age: 15
Gender: female
State: hunter
Personality: kind, smart, clever, tricky, playful,
Tribe: wild wolf
Likes: being in trees,playing with pups, and hunting
Dislikes: types of people, animal loss, disrespect, and low tree population
Job: N/A
Species: six tailed wolf
Rank: gaurd
Bio: raised in the forest enjoys being in trees parents gave her away cause she was to much

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Hey +Johnny Wolverine​ your oc, Aaron, has a sister named Naomi played by +Reagan Fortune
Would you like to introduce yourselves?
Her oc pic Г

[Open to others]
[ +Reagan Fortune​​​]

Its morning time. I seemed to be the first up, so i walked out of my chambers greeting every nearby guard. I walked outside and there stood Naomi,"heyyy chief paji" she smiled warmly. "Naomi I've told you a thousand times not to call my chief."

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Name: June
Age: 16
Gender: female
Rank: hunter
Tribe: wild wolf tribe
State: hunter/warrior
Species: white wolf
Likes: kids,hanging in trees, tricking people
Personality: kind, clever, smart, nice sometimes, follows orders
Dislikes: hunters and types of people who kill
Bio: was raised in a forest but likes being in the trees cause it calms her and makes her feel safe and part of a family her parents died trying to save her
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Here's a drawing I made in 2014 I don't know if it's in the right category oh and thanks for inviting me!
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