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GuvScale - autoscaling for Heroku background dynos is now in public beta

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I thought you'd like this board on Pinterest...

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Tutorial on analyzing a PHP app on Heroku with ELK

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Help me please!!!
I have this problem with sails.js in heroku:

Warning: connection.session() MemoryStore is not
designed for a production environment, as it will leak
memory, and obviously only work within a single process.

hi i want to execute this string on heroku server:

web: node server.js 5000

i try change my proc file with the string above but doesn't work...
please help me... :D

C:\Users\obi>gem install bundler1.gem
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Errno::EACCES)
    Permission denied - C:/Program Files/Heroku/ruby-1.9.3/bin/bundle.bat

New to it. help me out. pleeease.

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