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The Prologue to the Red Bull X-Alps is just about over but the main event is all set to start on July 2.

Since the last edition of the X-Alps a few of us have had a Google Hangout running so that we can make up our own commentary as we watch the live tracking and generally geek out over the race.

If anyone else wants to join in the fun the link is here:

The official X-Alps website is:

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Breaking news: "Water is wet."
See video at:


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Registration is on for PG Open Wanaka

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Hi All

Found a new site for wind and weather forecasts. They also have an app for smart phones. Check it out:

It's the first nice day for ages when I've got the opportunity to go flying and there's no damn wind!!!

There a few Paragliders up over Long Bay / Okura. Where is the take off?

What are the conditions like at north head at the moment? Is it worth heading over?

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Don't have wings, but still want to fly....

Anyone flying Kario today??!
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