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By the way there's a crew meeting at the Kaimais today at 11:30....

Weekend PG plans anyone??

Anyone need a ride to Kario from Westhaven in next hour - need to be back in town for 1800?

No takers for Moirs - maybe tomorrow....

I've been out of the country for a month but the Holfuy wind meter seems as wayward as ever. Did anyone figure out what the problem was then? Where is it actually located?

Fingers crossed for Kario tomorrow (Sat.) afternoon. Should be light and suitable for novices. Low tide at 3:20 p.m. I hope to be there from around noon to tidy up the site.

Anyone considering Moirs today?

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Last weekend, Paddy and James organized a tow-up /inland landing weekend at Kaikohe for the HG novice and intermediate pilots.
Here's the Saturday (Day 1) video.

any PG thoughts today ?

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Some shots from yesterday's stunning flight at Pakiri with +Hamish Dicker
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