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Dear members of the group,

I would like to share an interesting job opening with you.

Where: Berlin, Germany
Who: Medios Ditital GmbH

Position: Sr. Java Software Engineer (m/w) with a focus on MICROSERVICES

Your Job:
+ Design and development of microservices for high-availability system landscapes
+ Select and evaluate new technologies
+ Process analysis and optimization of the customer’s business processes

For more details contact me via gryzbeck(at) or apply directly via their webpage:

Best regards,


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Hello everyone!
I am getting a Masters in Computer Science and I have been investigating the usage of microservices. If you work with software development/microservices, please answer this five-minute survey about microservices!

The survey is just a part of a preliminary study about the patterns of use of microservices architecture. We want to understand how professionals are using microservices in fact and if it is according to what the literature says and if the purpose of microservice is being achieved. The survey is anonymous and we will publish the results to the scientific community.

I appreciate you attention! Thanks!

Here is the link

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Hi, guys!
I wanted to share my site! :) (hope it's fine)
We have a lot of experience in microservices - learned the tough way, though. We want to make something that will help everyone of you and will cut development time in half!
I would really like your feedback! Plus we will give a lot of things free when we launch! :)
Here is one of the blog posts that we wrote, you can see the others too and sign up :)
Thanks guys for your time!

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