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my own feel for my brother in my imagination.....

As many of you know, our group is a small one. So it would help to be supportive, and share your thoughts by commenting or sending me an

-Stay Active :)

Thank You, all of those who have joined this community. It very much means a lot, and will help take this community further. I would like to start off by talking about this disease and what it is. There are three types of diabetes: Type 1 is a type of diabetes where the body fails to properly produce the hormone called insulin. Have you ever felt really hyper after eating a lot of sugar? Insulin is what helps the body use all that glucose to produce energy for the body. Type 1 diabetics have a dysfunctional pancreas, which is why they need to take artificial insulin through syringes. Type 2 Diabetes is common in young adults or older, because of obesity. Unlike Type 1, Type 2 can be treated if taken care of properly by healthy eating and exercise. In Type 2, patients usually take pills instead of syringes, because the pancreas are still producing small amounts of insulin. The last type of diabetes is called gestational diabetes. This type commonly occurs during a women's second trimester of pregnancy. But unlike the other types, gestational diabetes disappears after the baby is born. 

I want to remind everyone that this community is mostly about bullying, struggles, and concerns. Its purpose is not to educate you on what diabetes is, or to make fun of diabetics in any way. It is just a way for everyone to express their feelings-by emailing me, or just commenting. Spread the word!
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