Welcome to community ~Romantic unnatural warrior cats rp~, copied from dead community ~romantic unnatural warrior cats rp~ It is dead cause of kitty coins - they disapeared, and I have premission to cpy it, cus I'm it's owner. He he.

Ok, so we have normal clans, and here it is:

Tribe of rushing water (Feather that falls on soft grass/Featherstar)

Tribe of endless hunting, StarClan, Dark Forest

We are starting from the earliest as possible, from Featherstar's early ages. Cus she's old.

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As soon as I can draw all warrior cats and as soon as I can finish episode, there will be casting for that cartoon. Name of cartoon is cost of a crown, and it is about warriors. But, casting call will be added later, because it will take tooo much to draw.
You can join it here, and maybe only results will be posted on youtube
Episode one:
*Oakstar - leader of RiverClan, Fallenfeather's mate - male - open for tryouts
*Stormstar/heart - +Stormstar TM
*Lightiningstrike - deputy of ThunderClan - Stormstar's mate - male - open for tryouts
*Fallenfeather - me
*Spparowheart - StarClan resident - Oakstar's mother - open for tryouts

Other cats will be added after episode 2. Try out!

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New picture for Feather!
I think that the best way for her is to be with short hair.

I am sorry why this account deleted all these posts. I net it was hacked. Hmmm.... hacker hacked hacker. What pitty. And I think I know who did it..... +River Thesilvercat​You cannot hide any more time! No metter how do your cackes are big and sweet and fantastic! You hacked mine 3 accounts, 2 from deviantart and this one, you perfect cacke maker!

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Name: Feather that falls on soft grass/Featherstar
Rank: healer
Clan: Tribe of rushing water
Personality: creative, good, but sometimes insane in killing (like she killed Darkstripe)
Gender: female
Age: 4 years
Mother: Water that shine on Sunlight
Father: Wind that blows leaf (healer after Half Moon and healer before Featherstar)
Mate: Oakstar (rogue)
Son: Cinderstripe
Daughter: Leaftail
Adopted son: Darkstripe

Bio: like apprentice, she almost drawn into the river, but she was safe by RiverClan warrior, Oakpelt(star) and given to ThunderClan. Later, like medicine cat and deputy, she left her Clan after deaf of young leader and give Robinwing spot of leader. She fall inlove with Oakstar. They first can't have kits, so she addopted Darkkit, wich mother has died, and his father liked Featherwing, even if she never liked him. She later had Leafkit and Cinderkit with Oakstar. She become deputy of RiverClan and later, spirits of Tribe said her about prophecy, and she left her kits. She become their leader. Later she meet her Stormstar, daughter of Darkstripe, and helped her kits, now loner and medicine cat to raise RiverClan again. Then, her beloved Oakstar, that she though he's killed by rockfall, meet her again. Battle with rogues has started and she killed her adopted son.
Then all of them, after raising RiverClan back to Tribe and live there like happy family and RiverClan was near the camp from Mountains, so she and her sone and mate keep meeting

Songs where she can appear: (guns and ships backing to Cinderstripe's past and she has greencough, alexander hamilton also greencough, one hamilton song when Martha was singing mybe if that was Martha Washington she's that character, The room where it happens killing Darkstripe, Hitory has it's eyes on you like deputy and medicine cat healing infected warriors and fighting and standing beside Oakstar her beloved one, El tango de Roxanne when she was medicine cat apprentice from ThunderClan and protecting Cloverpool "Roxanne" and surly much more, oh and I will be there duet with Oakstar)

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Featherstar’s tale

Chapter one
Lost apprentice

Featherpaw was going to apprentices den, when she spot on rock and fall in river. River’s way was to waterfall. Oh-oh! Featherpaw thinks. It’s going to spirit’s waterfall! Surly I’ll be dead!
But then, she saw a brunch. Very big brunch. Enough big for her. Maybe I won’t die! Just one second… Her legs were in seaweed. She was drawning. She might cut them, or she’ll die. Oh yeah! Cut them! Featherpaw thinks. But then, she didn’t remember about brunch and fall. She didn’t feel anything. She was in coma.
Then, she wake up. She smell some cats. And a lot of medicine. She knew that was medicine – she was preparing to become healer of Mountin Clans. But, they don’t have any healer now. First is dead, and they though she is also dead.
When she opened her eyes, she saw a lot of them in medicine cat den. She was surprised. But then, she smell other sents. There weren’t only ThunderClan cats. There were and RiverClan.
“What?! You guys surprised me! Ha ha! How you two RiverClan cats be here? What’s with odd war?” Then, larger than her, brown tom with green eyes comes and smell her. “I think I know why she’s surprised. She’s from Mountain clans. StarClan’s enemy…”
Snowstar, leader of ThunderClan comes to him, and say:” Oakfur, don’t call her StarClan enemy. She doesn’t know about stars-“ “Yeah!” Featherpaw said. Snowstar looked at her. “But that doesn’t mean she’s their enemy… She belives in Waterfall spirits, but what if she will call you their enemy? Think about that.” “I’m talking about what I have learned, kit.” Featherpaw looked at him. “How you can speak with him like that?! He’s leader!” “Don’t be stupid – he’s younger! Bramblestar made Snowpelt his deputy without training any apprentice when he was 12 moons old! He was just like apprentice.” “Well – “ “It’s not your words.”
“How you can talk to me like that, silly deputy!” “I though you’re more gentle, Snowpaw.” “I’ll end this.” Snowstar walked to the medicine cat. How Oakfur isn’t angry? Why don’t he kill Snowstar? Maybe that’s a rule…” “Cloverpool, is she allright?” “Of course, leader. And I think she’s ready to be warrior. But, how she know a lot? Can I speak with her alone?” “Of course, Cloverpool.”
All warriors leaved aria.

“What’s you’re name?” “Featherpaw, medicine cat.” “Can I ask you something?” “Of course.” “Where did you come from? I can’t smell your sent.” “From Moutnain Clans.” “Wow…” “What?” “It’s good to meet one warrior from great Mountains.” “How do you know full name?” “Well, when you’re medicine cat, you have some time to learn interesting facts… When you don’t need to rescu someone’s life.” They laugh. “I know what do you mean.” “Wait, you’re apprentice of healer?” “Well, I was. Untill he was eaten by white wolf. They think I’m dead now, and they can’t leave without healer.” “That’s terrible.” “I feel like I let them drawn…” “Don’t be like that. Spirit cats will lead them.” “Are you sure?” “Yes. I can tell you story.” “Yes, please.” “Well, long time ago, Mountain cats were also Clan cats. But, some waterfall spirits guide them to the mountains, and to their ‘medicine cat’ send note about Stoneteller, well known as Half Moon, that she’ll be their leader. And she was.” “So… They can live?” “Of course, my dear.”
In the same time, warriors from great mountains were sad about “Featherpaw’s deaf”. But, waterfall spirits told them she’ll be back.

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