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Race: (must be elf, dwarf, human, ent, orc, hobbit, or a wizard. If there is another LOTR race I missed, please notify me)
Likes: (must be more than 4)
Dislikes: (must be more than 4 as well)
Relationship status:
Bio: (can not say: 'you'd rather not say')
Appearance: (can be replaced with pictures. Must include clothing)

I think you know who I wish to be.

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Name: Aldronor
Gender: male
Race: Arnorian human
Personality:kind, caring, blunt, tough, determined, clever
Weapons: elven one handed sword, ranger's bow, many arrows, throwing knives
killing orcs and uruks
uruks and orcs
city life
loud noises
Relationship status:single
Crush:none yet
Bio: he was born of a noble arnorian family and was raised to fight and once he heard he would be forced to marry some snotty noble's daughter he ran away going to the wilderness where he felt at home. he soon became a well known defender of the wilds living amongst the sylvan elves
Appearance: (can be replaced with pictures. Must include clothing)

(Open, you don't have to ask, just start. if you are an elf, or understand Sindarin then act as if you know the translation. If you do not know the language, ignore the translation) it was night in the Mirkwood woods, you heard slight whimpering and elvish mumbling, it sounded like I was saying 'mom... dad... no... please... don't leave me...' over and over again. You decided to investigate and saw a black haired elf sleeping, she was having a nightmare, tears were falling down her face and she was rustling and thrashing. You decided that you would...

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"do not expect me to trust you blindly. You have to earn it."

Name: Tsukio She can not remember her first name, there fore, she made one from a human name so, when people hear of her, they will not expect n elf. Original name thought to be Ninadith.
Age: 2920
Gender: female
Race: Elvish
Mount: a black deer buck named castuind
Personality: dark, determined, usually people can't tell her expression, but to those she trusts, she will be a strong ally till death, she will deny her hardships even if it was plastered right on her. She seems like a strong person, but in reality it is a mask she wears to cover how broken and in need she is like really, she needs a hug She hates being alone but feels like a burden. She feels like no one will ever accept her.
Weapons: human throwing knives, bow and arrows of course, as well as elf-made twin daggers.
Likes: playing her flute, practicing her athletic and fighting skills, tricking Mirkwood guards, singing in Sindarin and or, English, sitting in trees, killing spiders.
Dislikes: ignorant people, those who expect blind trust, cowards, Thranduil
Sexuality: straight
Relationship status: single
Crush: legolas. He is not in this Rp
Bio: her parents were killed when she was a young elf, the killer? She thinks that it is most likely Thranduil. When her parents died, the killer had long blonde hair, but the face was covered, she heard a laugh that sounds like one he would have, she had witnessed him calling her parents 'traitorous'. She has spent her time training for the day she can rest her parents spirits. She hates legolas, yet, she can't seem to hate him as well. She has a slight crush on him, but will deny it if it would save her life to admit feelings. She is also plagued by countless nightmares, usually of either the masked killer, or her parents being killed. She is haunted by her parents screams of pain as well as his laughs, and of having not been strong enough to save them, she will usually wake up screaming and, or, with tears streaming down her face.
Other: Her hair is usually tied back in the traditional elvish way. (Top part pulled into a ponytail or braid while the middle and lower part hang down
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