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Welcome Otaku! I have created a wonderful empire where all of us can meet and share art and recommendations.  Anime is great, so lets share it together as one empire!!!

Hi.... I just kind of google+'d my way over here.... Don't mind me...

ok this is so freakin crazy!
i'z iz talkingz inz memz talkz forz entirez dayz

Hey guys. I think I've already started doing this but I was thinking of writing what I think of all of the anime I've watched (like I've been doing basically) Just wanted to hear you're opinion. Thanks : 3

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Hello all of you people! I forgot to review a little bit about a two anime I've watched recently. First, The Irregular at Magic High School, and second, Noragami. I enjoyed the irregular at magic high school. It had its amazing badass moments. The only drawback is that it really really really needs a second season. Also it does suggest some kind of incest if you jump to conclusions without seeing the whole thing, so that might be a turn off for some of you. I would encourage you to watch this show anyway, but if you really have a grudge against it it's ok; it's not on a "you need to watch this before you die" list. So my final conclusion is watch it if you want to. I personally enjoyed it and I hope you do too. Next is Noragami. If you haven't seen this anime yet, you need to watch this RIGHT NOW! this show was hilarious and also had some very serious and emotional parts to it. I really enjoy shows like this and I'm sure many of you do too. I highly recommend this show.

Hey guys. Just finished watching Princess and the Pilot. I loved it even with the bitter-sweet ending. I totally recommend, but if you're a person who dislikes a show without a complete "happy ending" then maybe this one's not the best for you. But yeah, really cute story and its got amazing plane animation. I mean what's better than that! : D

Hey all of you fab people! I was just wondering but I'm pretty sure a few of you a big fans of vocaliod. I'm a huge fan and listened to quite I few songs and I was wondering of which vocaliod song is the most disturbing to you. I know mine is "Onii Yuukai" (link: Comment below which is yours

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Ichigo Mashimaro so Cute!! ^ω^ 💜💜💜
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So what up, fellow otakus/weeaboos?
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