+Hoax 2016  is hanging out with purple strike as they feel like they`re being watched...)

(Is freelance as I rob a bank)

So I was thinking of getting a pet hyena,

#1:OK boss...

+Hoax (Kelly Gatsby)​ raven is now queen of the demons leaving the tyrants down a member)

+Hoax (Kelly Gatsby)​ ghost king was out on a theft raid as the mysterious heroine left him another rose)THATS IT!,#1,#2 find out who it is!

Both:yes sir,(leave)


clesetie sneaks into tryrant tower messing with its controls +Hoax (Kelly Gatsby)

Ghost king was sent to train tyrants east)) hello?

+Hoax (Kelly Gatsby)

celestie wanders the streets with string wrapped around her with no emotion in her face and people looked at her like a fool +Hoax (Kelly Gatsby)

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Name:Celestial shadow puppet (or celestie for short)
Gender female
Age:she has no age.
Powers:to control people with her music and strings also to slam them around
Personality:shy,kind,alittle moody
Likes:to dance sing,draw,not to be controled
Dislike:being controlled
Bio:she got killed along with her family when she was eight or so her soul grew to age 19 and to a form of a puppet and haunts any one in her way of getting revenge

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Name:zonic the dark timehog
Race:dark timelord
Home:the tardis
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Secrete Identity: Mindy
"Super" Hero name: Hit Girl
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hobbies: Fighting crime, helping Kick Ass when he lets me
Team: none
Weapons: Guns, swords, knives, cough a tank cough
Bio: My mother was killed when I was 3. Yeah I know cliché but it's true. My father and his partner in the police force raised me and taught me how to fight. When I was 12 we became "Super" heroes known as Big Daddy and Hit Girl. We were fucking awesome. During the day though I was an outcast at school but I didn't mind. At the age of 14 we met Kick Ass. Honestly he was useless, we had to teach him how to fight but it was worth it. That same year my father got killed b torture. I then stopped being Hit Girl for the beginning of high school. I then decided to go back to my job because being normal is weird.
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