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Computer Vision for Drones by Percepto.
The Israeli team Percepto has devised Computer Vision, a contraption designed to allow drone users to add new functionality to their existing drones, which currently is available through their campaign …
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Eric Capuano

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This is a group for amateur and professional drone users committed to promoting the use of flying robots for civilian, recreational, agricultural, search and rescue as well as hobby purposes. We get together as a community to share tips, experiences, and to fly. Let's learn from each other and have some fun. All experience levels are welcome. The Central Texas Drone User Group is a member of the Drone User Group Network, an association of community groups that promotes the use of civilian drone technology for the benefit of humanity.
What's lacking in the traditional aerial inspections by #UAV?   http://linkd.in/1aHRNth  #drone #PV #renewables 
Drones are strategic tools for technical inspections of energetic and industrial infrastructures. However, the quality of the survey results depends not only by the carrier itself but also by its eyes and by how it observes by them.Let's take, for instance, the aerial inspection of a solar farm.Elements in a PV plant - cells, modules, arrays - which have some troubles become overheated.Thus the drone surely needs an eye which can observe differen...
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