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Which toy did you have on this list?

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Trailer: Avengers Infinity War

So the studio can make Thanos look like the comics but Fox studio couldn't make Apocalypse look like the comics in the last X-men movie? This is why Marvel /Disney need to have that license.

Anyway, the movie looks predictable for a Superhero movie honestly. Any another thing, how did people forget where Loki got his army from though? I mean, they should have known about the infinity stones already since Loki knows why Thanos wanted to come to the planet.

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Ok guys! We got some plot details about the upcoming and highly anticipated sci-fi movie The Predator.

Is The Predator reboot one of your highly anticipated movies of 2018?


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QOTD: Who are your favorite DC and/or Marvel Superhero(s)?
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Need a Xbox live subscription? Get it for $39.99 plus you get a free game, via Amazon.

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Microtransactions, is it good or bad for gaming? Sound off in the comments.

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I'm totally glad that the series is coming back with a new season. True Detective is a promising crime drama if done right. Season 1 was an experiment ,and it worked with bonified character actors.

Season 2 didn't work so well because they lost the formula of having a complicated, interpersonal relationship between partners.Season 2 proved that having multiple people thrown into a plot for the sake of a plot just doesn't do.

Here's to hoping that season 3 goes back to season formula.

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Excellent movie and available on Netflix
CHADWICK BOSEMAN is a badass out for vengeance in the NETFLIX movie MESSAGE FROM THE KING. Watch the trailer here >

My Top 10 favorites from Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and PC E3 2017 conferences:

*Sony Playstation*
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy DLC
Days Gone
Shadow of Colossus Remake
Marvel vs. CAPCOM: infinite
Call of Duty: WWII
Star Child VR
The Inpatient VR
Moss VR
God of War

Beyond Good & Evil 2
Far Cry 5
Steep: Road to the Olympics
Starlink: Battle for Atlas
Just Dance 2018
Skulls & Bones
The Crew 2
Assassin's Creed Origins
Mario & Rabbits Kingdom Battle

*PC Gaming*
Age of Empire
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
War Groove
Killing Floor 2: summer season DLC
Mount & Blade II

Shadow of Mordor
Super Lucky's Tale
Sea of Thieves
The artful Escape
The last night
Black Desert MMORPG
The Darwin project
Forza Motorsport

See my top 5 or 10 for Nintendo, EA and Bethesda tomorrow and Wednesday.

See my top 20 overall list of E3 2017 Thursday and Friday!
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