Published another beta version today. I think this might be the last one before I publish on the Play Store.

Unless there's some miracle, it's definitely not going to work on Simon's Iconia, and probably not on Matt's tablet. But if everybody else would give it another go to make sure I haven't broken anything in trying to fix the other devices, I'd be very grateful.

This port has been pretty difficult. Thanks to everybody for all the help.

Published beta version 0.4 of Perseus on Google Play.

I'm hopeful that this should fix the black screen problems some of you guys have been seeing. If you have a chance to test it out, please let me know how it goes.

You can get the beta here: (For anyone new, you need to join the community first.)

Installed on my hp touchpad and found a bug before even playing a round. If I click on leaderboards, it pops up, shows everything as expected, but when I hit back to get out of the leaderboard, the screen goes black. The music starts playing, and if I tab where the buttons would be, it works (open leaderboard and quit do at least). If I force close and open again, it works fine, unless I view the leaderboard. It's a touchpad (custom android 4.0.4 rom) so is a bit old. I would have run it on my phone (galaxy s4) but someone's already reported back to you with that.

Pushed a new beta version that should handle the back button properly, and have support for x86 Android devices.

If you're a member of the beta test community, you can grab it here:


Would you like us to file bugs here or somewhere else. So far on my Galaxy S5 clicking the back button is ignored. On most screens it down doesn't matter but on the main screen it means I can't back out off the app. So far the game plays great and is a lot of fun!

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If you're interested in helping test Final Flight of the Perseus on Android, join the community, then visit this link (preferably on your Android device.)

It looks like we need to add tester email addresses manually for Google Play Services (we're using it for leaderboards.) After you join the community please send me a quick email ( and I'll get you added asap.
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