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I wanted to get this in before the end of November, but just could not swing it. Still—here is my cut at playing the classic Death Test adventure from Metagaming. It is written for The Fantasy Trip, but could be converted to any system pretty easily. The original was a play-by-numbers adventure, but this uses my rules-lite modern solo rules (link included). Check it out and let me know what you think.

Belated thanks to +Chris Stieha for drumming up interest in this year's #SGAM2017, and also for helping drive the themes and participation.

Special thanks to +Todd Zircher for coming up with the idea of Zach's Bestiary and collecting the entries for it. Also to +Spencer Salyer for creating the cool SGAM website.

Last but not least, a very special thanks for all of you who participated in some form this year!

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As today is the last day of Solo Gaming Appreciation Month for this year, I wanted to remind everyone Zach's Bestiary is still accepting entries. So far, we have 17 that I can count, and it would be great to get that up to 20!

You can enter your NPCs at this link:

You can also see what's already there (which is pretty cool) using this other link:

You can get UNE as PWYW here:

But, if you don't want to go through that right now, you can access my PDF copy at this link as a convenience, so you can roll those NPCs:

Or this automated UNE tool by Todd Zircher:

You should still download it at DriveThru in the future, because it's awesome.


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Holy cats that took more bits than I thought it was going to, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Shadow Princess, a Magical Fury actual play for #SGAM2017.

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The final week of #SGAM2017!
Closing out #SGAM 2017! No direction for the final week except: play solo, play it your way! We're also still accepting UNE-generated NPCs for the Zach Bestiary, so roll some up, describe and submit (heck, it's fun, so do it twice?). How was your solo November? Already planning for SGAM2018?

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Final episode of my #SGAM2017 campaign based on Stay Frosty by +Casey G. and Zach's UNE.
Mission accomplished. Rhyne puts his psychic powers to good use, but he and Gammon cannot be entirely credited for the success....
This was for me the most complex RPG game in years. I hope to comment more in the next days. It was great fun :)

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My SGAM solo fantasy session using So1um has come to a rather quiet end but that is alright. No need to force things, I let the dice fall as they may.

I have updated the document with the final scene and I might pick the game up at a later date, but for #SGAM2017 this session marks the end of the game.

I hope you had fun reading.

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