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A home for solo rpg enthusiasts where actual plays can be shared, and ideas on how to enrich the solo experience discussed. This is your #solorpg community!

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My Abominable Experiments In Solo Roleplaying:
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Tabletop Diversions beginner's guide

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Developing encounter tables for my Wicked Maze-like game.
Some encounters are characters and may react in various ways.
In Wicked Maze, monsters have a difficulty (roll d20 reach or exceed target number to defeat monster) and a damage score one takes when a roll fails. I think a rolled damage feels more natural.

For Cultists, I created three categories, mooks, priests and archpriests (minibosses and bosses) but for mutants I just gave a d10 for the Difficulty Rating. Perhaps damage should just meet the DR by highest die type.
So if it gets a DR of 8 damage is d8.

For some creatures, I have multiple DR the first is the ability to evade (or avoid) and the second is to defeat. Evaded or avoided enemies can recur in subsequent encounters.

Encounter 5. Is the Pit Kraken. A hole from which emerge tentacles which will ensnare the unwary and drag them into the pit never to be seen again. 

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In which I begin setting up my players for a Microscope game, thanks to the advice of everyone from the previous bog

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I don't know why I can't comment on +Howard Dawson's post about a "disagreeable" NPC or cohort, so I'm resharing. Sorry about that :/

I think there is a lot of opportunity here for traits and edges for the character. a Devil's Advocate trait, or they automatically work on a better idea, or complicate plans. It kind of depends on the character and said traits.

Perhaps the new character is actually smarter than the old character, and it then becomes a challenge for them to agree on any single thing.

Or, perhaps the new character is willing to follow along with an idea that they don't agree with, but will grumble or snipe the entire time, or if not much is at stake, sabotage ideas that they think are bad outright.
A plan so cunning you can put a feather in it and call it Bob

Ok so I was just wondering how you play allies who might not agree on what to do - ever. I will have a female co star joining my adventure - she is sassy intelligent and stubborn - the chance of her agreeing with my Stars choices all the time is highly unlikely - I guess I can just throw a dice and see if she agrees but wondered if there was anything more elegant in the way of a chart, flow diagram or other mechanism to make it more intersting? 

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+Black Belt Gaming Learns D&D 5E by playing solo Castle Ravenloft.

Anyone else use board games to facilitate solo play?


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In which I take a look at Microscope and wonder how to play it, both regular and solo.

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Here is the continuation of my d6 Star Wars campaign, which I've finally been getting typed up.

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Just thought I would share my set up on Roll 20 for Scarlet Heroes solo play through. I am typing the monsters in as I encounter them to basically create a small database for easy access.

I am running Scarlet Hero's character. Using its solo rules and oracle to handle most questions. I have found some Labyrinth Lord modules which I am adapting to the setting.

Having a blast!


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The dungeon is a labyrinth populated with signals to roll on tables. Some are switches you can activate effects with which stay "on". Some are encounters: friend, foe, neutral, or unstable.
Some of these people may join your party and make you stronger as a team.
A hero enters the labyrinth as a zero. Classless and naked but for a sac, a fist, and a will to survive.

The right weapon or catalyst sets off a power up.
Locate the War Axe of Styphon and you are made into a berzerker. Consume the blue dingle mushroom and learn certain magic.
Make a pact with the right sort of being, you become a warlock, get a familiar and can form a cult. Friendship is magic. 
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OK, here's my first Actual Play. This was performed primarily using Miso RPG, with a house rule added to bring a little excitement to critical rolls on Options. The character was made with a bit of Miso, a bit of Fate.

This was written from an idea in my "Story Cache" file, something I've been holding onto for years, where I add an idea for a short story or better every week. I'm now using this list to tap into for solitaire RPG ideas. My games will be played as free-flowing as possible (no framing or outlining of the story is allowed), but the writing you see will definitely be edited after playing for readability. Today you will read the first part of the first scene in the unfolding story of Alex Ryerson and his colleagues, as they strive to right wrong in the galaxy (for all the good that's going to bring).

Alex Ryerson, gambler and adventure seeker in the lonelier quadrants of the Milky Way in the 26th century of Man, has stumbled across a group of thugs called the Frasta, pushing a new level of drugs to the poor on the planet he currently calls home: Tanak, fourth planet of the Basilin system (about 150 light years from Sol system). There are rumors this group is funded by a cartel moving the new hyper-psychosis drug between systems with impunity, somehow defying detection by in-system Marine Corps.

Alex has seen what these drugs can do to a planet as insular as Tanak; it is already starting to rip through the minds of the system's relatively poor population like a scythe. Now he wants to know who's behind this insidious hallucinogen, and how he can help stem its rapid flow throughout the known systems of the galaxy. Life's been good to Alex until now.

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