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A home for solo rpg enthusiasts where actual plays can be shared, and ideas on how to enrich the solo experience discussed. This is your #solorpg community!

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There are also some useful resources; even some you can contribute to (and you're encouraged to!)

My Abominable Experiments In Solo Roleplaying:
A collection of solo tools inspired by Mythic & others.

RPGNet solo actual plays:

List of Solo Engines, Tools & other useful links:

Tabletop Diversions beginner's guide

Best Of Lonewolf posts: (Please suggest posts you found useful in Suggestions!)

Ask the Human Oracle (Or, group dedicated to shared solo gaming):

Solo Appreciation Gaming Month:

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How I approach the Player Knowledge / Character Knowledge Dilemma in Solo Roleplaying

I dislike separating character knowledge from player knowledge, so if I have a story premise in mind, I will frame things such that I know only as much as the character.

One Way To Avoid That Split As a Player

When you're trying to avoid that player/character knowledge split, I think that the #1 thing is being conscientious to avoid omniscience. Anything that your character does not know is something that can't be treated as a fact. It's only a possibility that you as a player know about.

In my opinion, you shouldn't even attempt to confirm or deny a fact until your character is in a position to find out. Just leave it hanging there until such a time.

Hardcore Immersion

If you want to be even more hardcore, consider this:

Some GMs consider in-game player chatter to be in-character chatter.What if you considered your own in-game mental chatter to be in character mental chatter? In other words, if you find yourself thinking of some possibility, you should treat that thought as something that has also entered your character's mind.

Remember, though, just because it entered your character's mind, it doesn't mean it's a fact. How your character reacts to these thoughts is in itself an interesting roleplaying exercise. Is she/he going to dismiss them as fanciful flights of imagination? Is she going to keep them in mind as a real possibility?

For me, that's going to be informed strictly by what's already been established as a confirmed fact during the initial set up of the game's situation, and in the course of play.

If any of this doesn't make sense, or needs some examples, let me know.

#solorpg   #soloroleplaying   #solitairerpg   #justmusing  

What's the fastest (from pick up to play) solo rpg in your collection and what makes it so?

So do you usually start off with a story idea or do you prefer starting from a completely blank slate?

In other words, when you play solo, how much do you establish before you begin rolling any dice?

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I've been reading over Ironsworn during the past few days & trying to help
by offering comments & suggestions. It has its own G+ community, which I didn't realize until this week, so for anyone interested in following along with its development, do stop by!
Happy Saturday, everyone!

An updated rulebook and moves handout were uploaded this morning.

What's changed:

- Cleaned up some (but not all) of the issues with the table of contents, bookmarks, and embedded links (sorry for any niggling issues hampering the ease-of-use with the PDF. We'll get there.)

- Synchronized the latest version of the playtest moves with the moves in Chapter 3, and updated summary text where appropriate. There's been some minor edits/fixes throughout. A revised Forge a Bond move now allows for narrative bonds (not necessarily quest-driven), with a greatly improved change to Forge a Bond when you've completed a vow. Last Stand (now Turn the Tide), End the Fight, and Battle have seen the most significant updates. Nothing is cast in stone, so feedback welcome.

- Some minor fixes, edits and clarifications in various places. Please excuse lingering typos, grammatical errors, etc. I just noticed about a dozen of them in a quick glance. It'll get there!

Chapter 7 is still a early days. I'll keep you guys updated. All of the discussion and feedback here is really driving my plans for the content for that chapter, which is great, but has meant some dramatic course corrections in my outline.

Finally, just want to say that I've had a ton of fun watching the group grow and participating in the discussions. You guys have been awesome. If you are enthusiastic about Ironsworn, please feel free to share/discuss outside of our little settlement in order to spread the word.

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the community, but I've been trying to solo play various RPGs for the past few years as I have time. Once I discovered the Mythic emulator and the website, I decided to build my own oracle. I've got the current version posted on my website along with solo blog posts, game recommendations, and my homemade tool for playing Red Markets, a zombie apocalypse where the real horror trying to make enough money to survive. That solo worked really well I think!

Anyway, I'd love it if people would check out my site and provide feedback on how to improve my oracle or anything else there. It's at where I encourage people to play all the roles: player, GM, and creator.

Sorry for the random lame pics on the blog (like the factory I'm seeing below from when I invaded an abandoned factory in the zombie game), but I wanted to be legal so I tried to use public domain images so my blogs aren't just plain text.

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Stumbled on this fellas reviews of various Fighting Fantasy and other solo modules. Thought it would be interesting for the group.

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I've been playing around with different solo games, and I finally got around to the Call of Cthulhu module Along Against The Flames. It's something of a "lone wolf" style game book, and it was suitably creepy and fun. I'm actually a tad disappointed that my character manages to survive though. Guess all those years of being a Keeper have finally paid off!

Anyone else played this yet?

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I wanted to get this in before the end of November, but just could not swing it. Still—here is my cut at playing the classic Death Test adventure from Metagaming. It is written for The Fantasy Trip, but could be converted to any system pretty easily. The original was a play-by-numbers adventure, but this uses my rules-lite modern solo rules (link included). Check it out and let me know what you think.
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