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Are you ready for this? (NEW)

p.s. watch this space for some (even more) amusing videos too...

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Thinking about starting a free blog? Read this first:

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I am thrilled to announce that my 2018 Blogging Planner is now available!

With this planner and accompanying worksheets, you will Plan to Succeed in the coming year. It is designed to be printed and customized to suit your needs, while still providing much-needed structure for even the most accomplished blogger.

Ana Hoffman says the 2018 Blogging Planner is, "Practical. Tactical. Will leave you with no excuse not to get things DONE.”

And that's the whole idea - to give you a tool that you can use each and every day to get more done!

"If this is the year you’re going to get serious about blogging, get this planner NOW", says Alisa Meredith.

Click through to see everything that's included in this planner, including several special bonuses, and more testimonials from Jenn Herman, Rebekah Radice & Peg Fitzpatrick!

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Got 3 minutes to help me build a map?
Would you help me out with something?
(3 mins, at most)

Survey on your experience with Virtual Reality - which could be none, and that is cool:

Thank you.
(Next week I'll be announcing a little of what I am up to...)

p.s. I'll share all the results publicly, so if you want to share it then it would be appreciated.

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Free content. Loads of it :D

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Would you like 5 years' worth of content, for free?
No opt-in, all categorized, and easy to access...

I am releasing something 'new' soon, and wanted to give away this to help with:
Social SEO, inc YouTube
Social Media Marketing
Communication Skills

Hundreds of hours of content, experiments, community sessions and hopefully loads of solutions that will really help you grow your business.

And if you want to talk business, I am here:

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One with a load of personal messages from me.
(a different approach...)
Thanks +Talkwalker for the opportunity.


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The last one of the week, from me ...

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PYBers: you may well want to see this one...
The Physical Web, and Google Eddystone Beacons (overview)

You may have missed how Google have a platform called 'Eddystone' that bridges on and offline - allowing for targeted messages based on proximity to real world beacons.
Like iBeacons, but different in part due to Google owning Chrome and Android already.

Add in that you can also do Remarketing (using Adwords) and Retargeting (using Facebook) and the bridge is formed.

This is potentially a whole new world of marketing, but the path is not straight ahead. I've pulled a load of info together here for you, and continue to test the platform out for myself - I'll have stats through within the month.
(hence why not pushing a 'buy now!' offer, quite yet)

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I've been busy...
More tips coming soon re: Google Trusted Photographers Program.

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Just in case you wondered how effective a free Google Maps listing can be for a business.
This was from a hotel I helped set up about 2 years ago...

#googlemaps #googlemybusiness
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