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Can we keep this connection going?

With the closure of Google+ imminent, I wanted to offer some great alternative communities to consider joining.

There are different platforms to choose from and a couple different areas of focus, so take a look and see if one or more are right for you! I do hope you'll take this opportunity to make sure we remain connected long after Google+ is gone.

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To be honest, I wasn’t sure this was the kind of post I wanted to write, let alone publish. 🤔

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How do you get more people engaging with and sharing your blog content to social media? How can you encourage more referral traffic from social?

The 10th and final installment in this WordPress Basics Series dives into preparing your blog for social media.

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You may be wondering whether right now is a good time to start a blog. And while I would like to tell you absolutely – I obviously love to blog and have helped thousands of bloggers get started and grow – if I’m being honest, the answer is actually “probably.”

You should ~probably~ start a blog in 2019.

I outline Why in today's article, and I have a new resource for you: a Blogging Startup Planner that walks you through the research and planning you need to do BEFORE you start a blog. Check it out:

#Blogging #StartABlog #2019Planning

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I've published 100+ articles on blogging. I've been invited to teach at UMSL and have spoken at conferences, not to mention numerous live videos and podcast interviews. I'm an established authority on the topic of blogging, yet something was wrong.

No one was reading my content. Here's what I did:

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Want to build a successful blog that helps establish your authority and brings in passive income? 💸

🎯 Start here:

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I have update my #Blogging #Planner for 2019 and am giving you a 65% discount!

All of the worksheets and guides and calendars you need to be successful with your blog in the coming year. Grab your copy today!


The Ultimate Blogging Planner is updated for 2019 and better than ever!

✅Brainstorming Worksheets
✅Planning Guides
✅Task Tracking
✅Influencers, Affiliates, Sponsors, Events, Passwords...

You get it all, plus BONUS items, for just $17 for Black Friday!!

If you have a blog or if you're just THINKING of blogging in 2019, folks, this will seriously help you. And after Cyber Monday the price goes up so don't wait.

"Successful blogging requires a solid strategy. You need to know your goals and steps to achieve those goals. The hardest thing is defining those - but this guide gives you all the resources you need to keep yourself organized in one place. And you'll be ready for blogging success!”
- Jenn Herman

"Whether you're looking to start a new blog or reinvent your current one, Mike Allton has built the roadmap. Inside his new guide is everything you need to know to launch, manage, and monetize your blog."
- Rebekah Radice

"As a marketing tactic, blogging is underrated. Done well, a blog provides another outlet for your content marketing that’s search-friendly while supporting your content distribution. To maximize results, you need a blogging plan and calendar to keep your content creation on track and visible."
- Heidi Cohen

"Holy smokes - I'm definitely going to use Mike's blog planner and you should too! Blogging without a plan isn't going to be effective or work well. Use the planner and put the time in to plan and you'll see results.”
- Peg Fitzpatrick

Click the link below to learn more and grab your downloadable #Blogging #Planner today.


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How to Deal with Social Media Trolls & Creeps

At 5pm ET over on Facebook, the 360 Marketing Squad is doing a special episode on how to deal with trolls & creeps - negativity and privacy concerns on social media.

Tune in live:

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Have you heard? Long form content is dead.

Or is it...
Is Long Form Content Dead?
Is Long Form Content Dead?
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