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Are you ready for this? (NEW)

p.s. watch this space for some (even more) amusing videos too...

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Got 3 minutes to help me build a map?
Would you help me out with something?
(3 mins, at most)

Survey on your experience with Virtual Reality - which could be none, and that is cool:

Thank you.
(Next week I'll be announcing a little of what I am up to...)

p.s. I'll share all the results publicly, so if you want to share it then it would be appreciated.


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Free content. Loads of it :D

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Would you like 5 years' worth of content, for free?
No opt-in, all categorized, and easy to access...

I am releasing something 'new' soon, and wanted to give away this to help with:
Social SEO, inc YouTube
Social Media Marketing
Communication Skills

Hundreds of hours of content, experiments, community sessions and hopefully loads of solutions that will really help you grow your business.

And if you want to talk business, I am here:

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One with a load of personal messages from me.
(a different approach...)
Thanks +Talkwalker for the opportunity.


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The last one of the week, from me ...

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Thanks to Google Small Business for the quote.
This is still one of the best free approaches everyone should be making for the business.
Check out the post, and get ahead.
Does your #smallbiz show up when customers search for you on Google Search and Maps? Get discovered with these helpful tips from Google Small Business Advisor, +martin shervington:

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Google Plus has more than one billion registered (and 359 million active) users, as well as some of the most business-friendly features of any social network, this is the time to start building out your business page, if you haven’t done so already.

Ad question: What have been your experiences with composing Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads? I've been studying up on Google AdWords and feel comfortable going live with them, but I'm not sure about the learning curves for the other two. Thanks. 

Thanks for allowing me to join here in this community.
Hi everyone!!!!
I'm Sandra Crowe. Nice to meet you all.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
–- John F. Kennedy

Facebook Algorithm

Hi gang!

Has Facebook changed its algorithm again?

I didn't take my FB page particularly seriously but at the very least I could get a decent amount of reach and some comments for each post.

Since returning from holiday a few weeks ago, however, I've checked my notifications and they've dropped off a cliff.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks :)
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