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This is a VERY well done post from PYBer +David Kutcher
If you are looking for better website results then this'll get your well on the way re: analytics...
Thanks David.
Website Actionable Intelligence and Goal Acquisitions (NEW BLOG)
A really important post about making Google Analytics work harder for you.
Nicely done +David Kutcher.
#googleanalytics   #goalsetting   #conversiontracking  
Would you like to get really smart with your analytics? Well, this article will help you enable you to set better goals and achieve brilliant results.
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Stan Bush

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Good Day PYB Community! Shuvo sokal

It's the middle of the week where I'm sitting. Some people call it "Hump Day".  I don't. I just call it Wednesday. I hope the rest of the week is as challenging and rewarding to climb as the first couple of days...  I don't want to think "It's all downhill from here!".  I want to keep climbing.  I'll rest when I need it!

We have some new members to welcome to the community. 
+Dorcas Celestin 
+Johnny Topaz 
+Rokaboks Marketing Solutions, LLC 
+Charlie Tarr 
+Nunzio Bruno 
+Joan Connelly 
+Antony Francis 
+RJ Grimshaw 
+Mario Hartson 
+Malika Rani 
+Treasures Auctions 
+Karl Wolfgramm 
+Ron Tarlton 
+Elton Willis 
+Tonte Bo Douglas 

So let's do what we do here PYB Community. Welcome everybody and give them a hand when they need it!  It's how we roll here! 

Let's Do This Thing!  CTW
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Welcome to an awesome business community with a wealth of great people and valuable information! Happy Wednesday! +martin shervington
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Eddie Austin

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
As someone who is still getting their feet wet with Google+, this community has been a tremendous resource for me. Keep up the great work guys!

Let me know who else I should be following in order to get the most out of G+.
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No #pawbump yet +Mia Voss? Too soon? 🐱😉
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running into a dead end: +martin shervington or anyone in here know how I can help a wine blogger in G+ who got their page suspended for "promoting regulated goods" (i.e. wine!). 
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Glad to read of reinstatement +Cindy Molchany . Best wishes. John.
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Steve Rucinski

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Hi this is Steve, looking forward to learning more about Google+ and business. Long time IT industry vet, love staying on the edge.
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Hello +Steve Rucinski we share the same i do have 3+ years of solid IT service based background and right now switched myself to social media , I'm simply a learner here i believe i can learn lot many things from you  
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Laura Crawford

I have a question about Google+!  - 
Good Morning! [still morning on the west coast;) ]
Question - I have a friend starting his own food truck. So naturally I jump in and start telling him all about G+ for him and his business, and all that jazz. But as we're talking about the Page for his business, and I got to looking at the setup I wondered this - when setting up his Page, should he click 'Local Business' or 'Other'? And I ask because his business address will be a PO box, and his truck location will change daily/weekly. So what do you feel is the best option here?
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+Stan Bush (speechless) that's awesome! You and I need to chat more. ;)
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Tobias Schirmer

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Thank you for adding me to this community :)

My name is +Tobias Schirmer  , I'm 23 years old and I'm a IT Management Assistant working in the Global Marketing department of a international company.
I'm interested in any kind of talk about #SEO and other stuff going on at #Google , #android , #cyanogenmod  or #web #development 

looking forward to get in contact with other people..

for more information about me and my interests ... visit my profile ;-)
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Welcome to the community +Tobias Schirmer!
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Nancy Chorpenning

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Greetings from Atlanta!
I'm Nancy: small business evangelist, corporate refugee, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Papua New Guinea 97-98), female entrepreneur advocate, new bride, business advisor.
I'm a tech addict and love all things social. Eager to leverage Plus for my biz as I move it from offline only to online too.
Looking forward to sharing with and learning from everyone here!
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Hi +Nancy Chorpenning.  Really nice to meet you!  You will definitely learn a lot from these folks. Very helpful, for sure!
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Dan Toombs

I have a question about Google+!  - 
Here's a question that I'm hoping others may have and perhaps someone here can help with. 
I have two brand pages and have noticed that G+ is not very good at offering the best vanity URLs for them. It seems to be fine if you have a .com address. But if you have any other type of URL like or .net, the URL on offer is nonsensical. One of mine is +CompuGiftCoUK. Have decided not to accept it. LOL. . 

Is there any way of getting this changed? I can't find one and with brand pages as important as they are, it would be good to get some advice. Thanks. 
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Thank you +Karen Strickholm. I've got the .com. I think I will get it directed there. Thanks. That is probably the best option. Just hope Google comes back and checks sometime and gives me a better URL. Fingers crossed. 
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Leanne Nelson

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Hi everyone. My name's Leanne. I'm a virtual assistant based in beautiful Geelong, on Victoria's SW coast. This is my second "go" at G+ after a very ordinary start a couple of years ago.

I'm so glad to have found this group. Already, I've learned so much, making my time on G+ a much better experience this time around.

I look forward to learning & sharing with you all :)
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Hi +Stan Bush & thanks for the welcome! I've registered for the Quickstarter kit & look forward to working through it
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Bryenn Bierwirth

Google+ Hints and Tips  - 
Hey guys and girls,

I'm sure a lot of you already know or have heard of Google Adwords, but have any of you gotten certified? It's free for individuals to get certified and take the test, which you can then add to a resume and, in the process, have enhanced your marketing skill set.

I'm including a link to an article (below) that shows you step-by-step directions on how to registry, study, and, finally, how to take the Google Adwords exam (article written by Altaf Gilani on

As you may know, Google is the largest and most used search engine out there, so knowing how to use Google and Google Adwords, as a marketer, small business owner, etc., is essential for online marketing success -- even if you primarily don't use Google. This is basic information for how online marketing works.

If you're interested at all in online marketing, advertising, and how to measure online campaigns then this is so helpful (and IT'S FREE). I encourage you all to check out the site, even if you aren't interested, and I hope this will benefit some of you.

Currently, I'm in the process of being certified and I've learned a tremendous amount on SEO, digital marketing, how Google works, and what digital advertisements have been most effective -- on Google.


Big changes have occurred in the Google Certification Program, beginning this month. Follow our step by step guidelines to give exams for free!
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Congrats to all on passing the cert!  I have been certified for some time and enjoy playing in there.  If you don't have the Google Analytics cert it is a great companion to the AdWords one. 
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About this community

Welcome to the ‘Plus Your Business!’ community and agency. About us: We have assembled a world class team to cater to all G+ needs for businesses small or large. Over the coming years we look forward to helping you use Google products and services to transform your business or organization, including exclusive articles and videos. We are also here if need some extra guidance, so just ask. Please note, please do not attempt to solicit business. You will be politely asked to leave. This is not a place for consultants to find business. The PYB moderators are the best in the world and are here to help in a paid and unpaid capacity. Also, no self-promo blogs, events, shared circles (unless a moderator). Community Managers: “Hi there, I'm Martin Shervington, 'Plus Your Business!’ agency and community manager. And below are the people I go to when I need help... Lee Smallwood is the man for corporate Google SEO, Social SEO, Viral Marketing, Corporate Campaigns, Measurement Tools and Analytics. Seriously smart. Mike Allon is one of the best in social media. Writer, Coach, Page manager and spreading his magic across all channels. He is an asset to the team. Jim Banks educates me on the subtle integration of Google Plus into Google Adwords. He is an Adwords Ninja, it is that simple. Mark Traphagen: the expert for Authorship and Social SEO. George Cohn and Marilyn Ritter offer insight into the Google Plus culture, community and coaching. Rebekah Radice - a brilliant social media consultant/trainer; she will 'join the social media dots' to deliver incredible results. Paulino Brener is an excellent community manager, using Google Plus for coaching people on how to Plus their skills (languages: Spanish and English) Ronnie Bincer is my Hangout Helper; helping us all get the most out of this magical communications tool; before, during and after the show. George Sepich is one of the most creative people I know. An excellent wordsmith, ideas magnet and brainstorming master. Joshua Berg: the chap I talk with about a 360 degree web, social and SEO service. One of the best. Colman Carpenter: manages my website and I recommend him for all things re: Google Plus integration. Douglas Baumwall - everything you need to know about Google Apps for Business. Travis Taylor covers Apps and Local in a friendly and approachable manner." Support We are here to help you with free advice on Google Products and Services, including Google Plus Need a little extra help? Well, we are also available for: Coaching and consultancy, via Google hangouts or face-to-face Speaking engagements and events, and more... Community Guidelines: Please do not promote other communities - one strike and out. Please don’t self promote your blogs/event unless a moderator.
Will Content Marketing Eat Itself?

Are you concerned about the 'content crash'? Will the amount of content being produced become too much to cope with? And does the growing popularity of content marketing carry the seeds of its own destruction?

Here's a less apocalyptic view. Accepting the point made by +Eric Enge recently that many content marketers will face a long cold winter I believe there's a positive future for brands and individuals who do it well: ones who are focused on answering questions and building trust rather than  obsessing about refreshed content and links.

How do you see the future? With optimism? Or as an increasingly desperate battle to get your content noticed? Please add your thoughts.
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+Jenna Christopherson +Andrew Hurrell Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.
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Ronnie Bincer

Google+ Hints and Tips  - 
Check out the new design for the Hangouts Page on desktop... easier to get links for the mobile app from there as well.
New look for Hangouts Page - added info and links to mobile app
The Desktop version of Google Plus now sports a new updated info panel and links to Mobile Hangout Apps.
Choose Hangouts from the left side dropdown menu and you'll see the new updated look for the Hangouts page. 

You can still Start a Hangout on Air (HOA) right from the first screen via the Blue Button, but you may need to slide down a bit to get to it. The link to get to the Hangouts page directly is

Hangouts are the Magical Communication Tool offered by Google+ for video meetings, they can be private or public. If public, then they are commonly broadcast live as HOA and automagically recorded as videos on YouTube when you're done. 

The other version of Hangouts start up from that little green quote thing in the upper right of the page, but only for Profile accounts, not available for Page accounts. Those are little text/chat meeting rooms called Hangout Message Boxes (HMB). They can easily turn into a private Hangout Video Call with the click of a button among those invited into that HMB.
=== ===
#Hangouts   #GoogleHangouts   #GooglePlusUpdate  
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Geez, I miss a day on G+ and it feels like I'm in another land ~ things sure are changing quickly around these parts! LOL...  Thanks for having our backs +Ronnie Bincer and keeping us [as always] up to date on what's new and exciting with HoA!!!!
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Deltra Perryman

I have a question about Google+!  - 
Has anyone done a hangout for your business or service? If yes can you share the pros and cons? Thanks. 
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+Olga Rhoades This is where I say "use the Shamgar method". Start where you are, and use what you got.  Don't worry about where others are. This is your journey.  +Sheila Hensley gave you the links to some really good resources. If you use those, you'll be up to speed in a week.  If I can help you with anything, just '+' me into the conversation (like Sheila did) and I'll help if I can. We are really... glad you're here.  :-) 
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Iman Kishawi

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Hey there community! Thank you for adding me! My name is Iman Kishawi, I just started my own full service marketing business and am loving the informative posts I see on this page. Hopefully soon I will be contributing myself. :)
Jeya sathya kumar Vellaichamy's profile photoIman Kishawi's profile photo
Hello +Iman Kishawi good to see you here 
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Susan Tucker

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Hello Fellow Googlers! My name is Susan and I'm an inbound marketing  geek based in Boulder, Colorado. I think G+ is going to explode soon and I'm looking forward to learning from you all!
Bev Santini's profile photoCandis Marko's profile photo
Hi, +Susan Tucker You've landed at the right place because as +Candis Marko stated so eloquently, folks her are "super nice & super smart."  Welcome to the community!
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Stan Bush

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Good Day PYB Community Members!  Oli yah

It's beautiful here.  Garden, sun, family and community is what makes each day fun. Creativity is what makes it interesting.  Many of you are busy creating things right now. Many are concerned on how their creations will be accepted. Being really creative requires losing the fear of being wrong. Being wrong isn't so bad. The fear of being wrong is another matter altogether. 

We have a lot of new members today..
+Rachel Albertson 
+Lori Waters 
+Rowland Hayward 
+Ronil Dedhia 
+Geoffrey Hardy 
+Catherine Deverell 
+The Curry Guy 
+Justin Goodwin 
+Nuno Aleixo 
+Javad Ahmadi 
+Apeechem Dyes
+Irene Pollak 
+Dhan laxmi india 
+Angela Organizes 
+Andrew Collier 
+Sara Chris 
+Carmen Waterman 
+Nyheter Sverige 
+JR Barber 
+Aaron Johnson 
+GreenLife Africa 
+Susan Tucker 
+Tanis Castillo 
+Nicole Fisher 
+Good Bookman 
+Michelle Batson 
+Hugh Briss 
+Steve Rucinski 
+Iris Montgomery 
+Hema Thothadri 
+Amanda Karmaou 
+Gina Dominica 
+Victor Shattuck 
+Renae Christine 
+David Zhang 
+Jon Egley 
+Melinda Elvin 
+Jenny Horn 
+Janis McAdoo 
+Nancy Chorpenning 
+Elina Weizel 
+Amanda Olley 
+Raghu Pokala 
+jennie watson 
+Ryan Clark 
+Brian Honigman 
+Josh Patrick 
+Paul Taylor Sr. 
+Danny Kelly 
+Frank Cardamone 
+Damion Elson 

Everybody... keep doing what you're doing and together...

Let's Do This Thing!  CTW
Candis Marko's profile photoStan Bush's profile photo
Truer words never spoken +Stan Bush!  Note to (my)self...

And hello to all you new folks - and welcome!  Great group you've found here. 
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Why should You Optimize Your Google Plus Profile?

Have you ever noticed something special about your Google+ profile? Your Google plus profile is a source of information and content for your followers, but the about section of your profile is used by Google to categorized your profile for specific search terms.

So complete your Google+ profile and wisely fill out the Introduction, Employment, Education and Places lived section of your Google+ profile keeping in mind that the terms used in these sections is used for Google+ search results.

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Bryenn Bierwirth

Introduce yourself (no self-promo blogs/links please)  - 
Hey Google Peeps:

My name is Bryenn (pronounced like Brian) and I'm a recent graduate of the University of Kansas (KU). My degrees are in journalism: advertising/marketing and communication. I live in the Kansas City metro area and would love to get meet people with similar marketing/blogging/advertising/writing interests -- and who binge watch Netflix.

I'm always looking for connections, but, more so, I'm always looking to meet new, awesome people. So don't be shy!
Bryenn Bierwirth's profile photoKaren Strickholm's profile photo
+Karen Strickholm Great to meet you and look forward to reading what you write.
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Google+ Brand Pages - Part 2 of 2
Here is part two of my latest article, and this one is on tactics...
Part one is here:
How to Build a Successful Google+ Brand Page, Part II (NEW)
This one is all about 'Google+ tactics of engagement' Enjoy!
#googleplusforbusiness   #sharingiscaring  
Part I here:
When content marketing is more about your readers than your brand, search results seem come from WHO is engaging with your content more than HOW MANY.
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You release so much information on G+ it's amazing!
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