I am trying to integrate anycommerce with other inventory program and this is going to be a desktop application. Can you give me the details about APIs please. I am not able to find anything in google and its very confusing.


So how much does it cost per month?
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New administrative interface version 201308 is now online.  To access the previous version click "previous version" on the login screen. 

A few things you'll notice:
New customer manager (beta) in utilities -- this is an app based version (not compatibility) and will become the standard in 201310 and the old one will be removed.    Please let us know what you think of the new customer manager. 

In addition the following areas were also improved:

Product editor:
After a search and clicking 'edit', a 'product results' tab will appear on the left with the most recent search results.
More information per product in the search results display added sort by table header to search results.

Order Manager:
After clicking 'edit' on an order, and 'order results' tab will appear on the left with the most recent search results.
Some bug fixes in orders/payment processing.
Base price was used instead of sell for price in line item reporting (only in editor, invoice was fine).
sorting by price now works correctly.
fixes to filters (ebay wasn't working)

improved messaging display in loading screens.
new jquery plugins to make customization easier for third party developers (both in UI and store apps).
fixes to reporting in dashboard page (recent news page).
fixed bug in media lib on folders with less than 20 images.
A plethora of other bug fixes and tiny enhancements, all available in the git commit log:
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