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Welcome to the LEGO Dimensions community! Here we talk about the game that brings Lego figures from the real world into the virtual world.
The only way we could grow is if you share this community with your friends, preferably friends who love Lego. 

LEGO Dimensions Year 3 Wishlist

Wave 10
Star Wars
Left 4 Dead
Yandere Simulator

Wave 11
Super Mario
The Flintstones
A Hat In Time

Wave 12
The Loud House
Team Fortress 2

Wave 13
Steven Universe
Regular Show
Fire Emblem

Wave 14
Gravity Falls
The Legend Of Zelda
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
The Legend Of Korra
Street Fighter

Wave 15
Totally Spies
LEGO Minifigures
My Life As A Teenage Robot
Indiana Jones
Doki Doki Literature Club

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Look at this set is made

Will there be a wave 9 of Lego dimensions?

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E.T. the extra terrestrial

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When you have tried everything... I MEAN EVERYTHING! The one thing you can always count on. Is a BATARANG of course. In this episode we get to the Nuclear Power Plant! Hope You Enjoy!!!

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We introduce Harley Quinn, and The Joker Team Pack in this Episode. Instead of continuing with the story; I take a short break to explore DC Comics World with Joker, and Harley.
Thanks for Watching!!! Hope you Enjoyed!!!

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Hey Guys I'm new to this community! Just got Lego Dimensions! If anyone's interested in whats in the box and stuff included , this is the video to check out!

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Guess who joined in?

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Hello Everyone!
THESE CHILES ARE HOT HOT HOT!!! Homer has made it to the contest only to find out the flaming truth! He sent into a hallucination, and that is where this video takes place! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED :D
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