I purchase the PRO version assuming that I will get additional years in the forecast graph feature. I was disappointed not to get that feature since I paid for PRO. What advance features do you get for the pro version? Can you ad the feature of a 2 to 3 or even more years forecast?

Could you make the summary page where you can include exclude accounts and if you choose for example two of your accounts...Both will show in one calander view

just started using the app and very impressed with the interface, well done.

I have set up my 2 accounts one french, one British, but would need
1. ability to set different currencies for each account
2. live feed for exchange rate when transferring between the 2 accounts
3. icing in the cake would be overall balance for both accounts in my default currency.

Do you have any plans to develop the app in that direction.

When adding an expense/income I have a calendar view with SUN as a 1st day of a week, but in settings I have set MON.

I see the latest version has the option to "delete" a single occurrence. However, all that does is set that occurrence to zero. That's how I've been handling this for a long time. Are you going to try to make it so that occurrence will actually be deleted, or if you can't actually delete it, then maybe set it to zero then hide it?


It would be useful to have possibility to filter upcoming non repeating expenses, to have clear overview about future expenses. This will also simplify planning, because now if I want to reschedule some particular expense, I have to scroll the through the year to identify in which month I have planed this expense.

I've only just begun using this app and I really like it, however is there a way to mark the recurring bill as paid, once it is paid? I'm guessing the app automatically assumes the bill has been paid at the end of the day. This can be problematic if the bill doesn't come out for two or three days later.

I'm not sure if this has been brought up or suggested but would it be possible to have the app connected to a live bank feed as a feature/option to not have to manually add transactions?


I am getting a constant toast messages of "Changes detected in account" when I try to update anything and it reverts back to what it was before! I was simply trying to change the current value and it seems to do it, but then the toast comes back.

I love the app, but it is making it unusable for me!

I have considered going nuclear on it and removing everything, but I hope that isn't the case!

If needed, I can send any log files you may need!


It would be great to only repeat transactions to the end of the month, as repeating transactions can look like they spiral up or down after a few months, when in reality it's only really the next pay day that is the issue to some people.

Be good if you could set an end date for the month rather than a year ahead!
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