Did you fuckers just leave without saying a word? Abandoned the app and the users in silence? I want my money back..

How do you share your wallet...ei... so my spouse can have it on her phone as well as mine?

Okay, so this app is history. Typically. I suppose they got their money..

When will the occasianary shutdowns when settting a new balance been fixed? Have been so for a too long time now :-(

Similarly to Wayne below, I have tried to raise an issue with this app and had the developers email bounce my request back. I think this app is superb, way superior to anything else out there for my purposes, but it is having problems with Google play services. Also, the backup to Google drive feature doesn't appear to be working.

Please could you address these issues at some point?

Many thanks.

Does anyone know if this app is still being developed. The developer isn't active on here and I just tried to send him an email from the app itself and it bounced back. If it's no longer being developed this will be a real bummer since it's what I use to manage my finances.

How do you log in?

When categories will be available? I think this is the only missing feature to make it perfect for many users.

Thank you, the daily totals calendar is exactly what I'm looking for. Any idea if you'll ever do a dark theme? Thank you!

I just purchased your app and I like it.
I would like to know if you plan on providing multiple currencies and predefined categories to use instead of transaction descriptions for faster and more consistent storage.

Thank you very much,
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