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Can't remember if I shared the article this came from but this image is worthy of sharing again, IMHO. It's a-okay to repost/retweet your promos/blog posts and this graphic gives you an idea on how to space them out.

Sorry I'm a little late this week with the promo thread.

My phone is still a little wonky after the last update, and my hosting company neglected to tell me they were changing email servers for my account. So I've been busy fixing those things AND rushing around, trying to pack up the orders that came in over the weekend and knew nothing about until last night.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this a better community, I'm all ears. In addition to the weekly promo threads I hope we can share ways to improve our social media skills, and maybe new outlets to sell/promote on.

Please comment with the URL to your business' Twitter account. I will be adding them to a Twitter list so that anyone on the list using the hashtag #tartbeat  will automatically be retweeted by me.

Following (and retweeting) each other on Twitter is also encouraged.

Please try to post here once or twice a week.

Please share four links to items you would like to see promoted this week.

Comment on those you've promoted and how you've promoted them.

Obviously, since this a public group, you can also share posts here on your own accounts.
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