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Team Aqua is a Michigan-based water gun team that started on April 15th, 2017. It all came together when founder Deegan Winkelman got shot directly in the right eye with a stream of water from a water gun from a few neighborhood boys. It blinded his right eye for about ten minutes. Angered by this, he ordered all of his cousins and friends to take the kids down with water guns (Not really ordered, just came together as a team), hoping that the kids would get a taste of their own medicine and learn a lesson. (Also, he wanted them to go to their mama screaming) It became Team Aqua when his mother joined. That is how it all came to be. Today, Team Aqua has over 13 members!

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So, what should we use as our main water gun?
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The Outlaw
Those easter guns

You wanna know some Macedonian so that we know what the boys are saying?
Here you go:

Овде е мојот план (oh-v DAy eh MO-yot plan) Here is my plan...

Земи пиштол на вода! (ze-mi PIsh-toll na VO-da) Take the water gun!

He! (ne) No!

Добие црево! (do-BEE TSRE-voh) Get the hose!

Deegan do not pretend you are our leader, we are all equal in the team.

And you did not "order" us to fight the kids were just extremely annoying little brats with no respect or manners at all, they couldn't even follow the rule of no shooting on the porch because the windows were open!
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