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Greetings Native American Community Family - Can You Help?

According to new YouTube Guidelines - I need 1,000 subscribers by Feb 20 to remain a YouTube Partner. I have the required 4,000 hours of annual watchtime.

Can I ask you to please subscribe to my channel?

"The Native Guy in a Vest and Tie." Greetings Twitter Family - Can You Help?

According to new YouTube Guidelines - I need 1,000 subscribers by Feb 20 to remain a YouTube Partner. I have the required 4,000 hours of annual watchtime.

Can I ask you to please subscribe to my channel?


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Here are her siblings Bronson 5 and Amiyah 4, he's not as excited about dancing as his sisters tho! She dances all styles but loves fancy the most. Thank you BTW
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¡¡¡ Shiloh Lebeau, Navajo/Lakota

#Boxer #Champion !!!

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"Illegal Alien" ? Really? Guess Again.

I am ( in small part ) indigenous North American. On my mother's side.
Also, I am a consecrated pipe carrier of the Lakota Sioux. My four winds pipe/ cinnunpa is consecrated as a pipe for the people by Wallace Black Elk, back around 1994.

I am a traditional medicine way person in many key and primary respects. I teach real shamanism and wizardry, unlike the plastic medicine man Carlos Castaneda.
I know the Way Of The Totems and I wear a Pacific Northwest eagle totem bracelet on my right wrist. I have used sacred medicine prepared by Oh Shinnah Fastwolf.

I have Tsalagi / Cherokee mystical teaching thru Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo. In 1983 Rolling Thunder pointedly asked me to keep up the good work.
I have done so. I am a very capable wisdom keeper.

Those who are born in the US are native US citizens, tho rarely indigenous.
Many American blacks have indigenous blood.
It's not about race.
Native ( indigenous ) American teachers have said that if you are third generation American, you are native American, tho not indigenous.

Those who support the transnational criminal organization Mara Salvatrucha and sanctuary cities are the enemies of the American people, and my opponents.
And that includes all Traitor Party Democrats.

I hate to tell you this, but you fellow travelers are all traitors.
This is not Occupied France in 1942 subjugated by the Nazis.
We will fight for this country against the invaders, criminals and traitors.
My family has fought for this country from the time of the American Revolution.

You don't get to tear this country apart. It is not yours to destroy.
It belongs to those who defend this great land from all enemies foreign and domestic.

This is now social and political warfare. It is open warfare.
Your fake moralism is completely indefensible and it is based on lies and hatred and violence and crushing basic human rights.
That is not any kind of Indigenous American culture. It is just the opposite.
You walk the Black Road Of Death.

If not for double standards the criminal totalitarian Left would have no standards whatsoever. You are all corrupt and sociopathic and irrational.
You damage and destroy everything you touch.
You have chosen the road of war.

So, go ahead. You do your worst. We'll do our best.

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A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong - Tecumseh, Shawnee

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I love ❤️ this Indian! - Christian Parrish, known professionally as “Supaman” is an Apsáalooke Indian. He brings hope and encouragement to thousands of young American Indians due to a deep conversion from drugs..and plain thuggery. He is a rapper and Indian ‘fancy dancer’, born in Seattle Washington and grew up in Crow Agency, Montana.The child of struggling alcoholics, he spent part of his childhood in foster care before being raised by his mother. He began DJing in the 90s after hearing a Litefoot song (with the two touring together in 1999). In the fourth grade, Christian began dancing at powwows.[3] While in elementary school he began to write poetry and later began to rap. He related to rap music because he felt he was going through the same issues that most artists were rapping about. Taking the name 'Supaman' at the spur of the moment in a DJ competition. Supaman began rapping in a more original style until he had a spiritual encounter that told him to live a better lifestyle and rap about more meaningful and inspirational topics. A great inspirational, young, Ameican Indian man!

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