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Enabling IoT Platforms Post Interview With Nikolaj Hviid And Darko Dragicevic

If you create a new category, like we did, there are bound to be mistakes along the way. You have to learn to accept them as part of the process. What makes a company stronger is how they respond from those mistakes and prevent them going forward.


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+Pocket-lint reviews the Dash and comes to the same conclusion many of us and the press has had.
It's a great innovation hampered by connectivity issues. 

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There is a (small) thread going on in the Kickstarter sub regarding the Dash.
The question is if the Dash is a success as a product.

This was my answer:

If you look at it now a year after the release I would say yes to it as a whole product. It was set out out to be (smart headphones) we will find out more in 2017.
They have added stuff through their OS updates with more to come.
They teamed up with companies to improve future products. The Headphones are already an example of this.

As wireless headphones it has not be a success nor a failure. They managed to get the cordless wireless headphones out.
Though the sound quality is average. And the connectivity can have mixed experiences depending on the person (body), device (Android/iOS) or unit (hardware parts).

The initial release was bumpy to say the least so that definitely hurt the image

How would you answer the question?

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User review on the Dash with OS 2.2

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In October 2016 +Bragi announced a deal with +Tech Data Corporation.

“Our agreement with Bragi adds an innovative new mobile product to our portfolio, offering our retail partners an interesting Hearable solution,”
“Hearables are an exciting new market for Tech Data and for many of our retail and value-added reseller partners. The Dash offers a powerful audio and sensory interface, as well as compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices.”

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It takes some practice to get it right. Like most touches on the Dash when you first get it and use it.

To unlock hold it away from the other Dash for about 3 seconds. 

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Vloggers get their ears cleaned to prepare for the Dash experience.

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Chipin reviews the Dash. Highlights it's flaws but recommends it based on being the first to take this step.
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