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So the most common theme in my inbox over the weekend was, "Awesome on the Players Handbook...when are you going to put Monsters & Treasure on sale? Well, little known fact, Steve asked Tim (me) to do just that with the sale on Saturday. Guess what! I completely forgot to do that. So... Through Tuesday night at midnight, get the M&T print plus PDF on sale for only $15!

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Today is the day! Get the Players Handbook for only $15! Includes PDF! Until Midnight!

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Gathering Six (and only six!)* Players for a semi-regular Friday Night and (sometimes) Sunday Online Gaming Group for an OSR Mega-Dungeon Campaign via Google Hangouts!

PLEASE ONLY REPLY if you have Friday nights at 7pm EST and/or Sundays (time TBD) available!

OSR Game System TBD, but likely one of the following:

Labyrinth Lord (w/Advanced Edition Companion)
Swords & Wizardry
Castles & Crusades
The Black Hack
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

Mega-Dungeon TBD, but I will allow the Players (once all 6 are lined up) to choose from the following:

Barrowmaze Complete (Greg Gillespie)
Rappan Athuk (Frog God & Necromancer Games)
Stonehell Dungeon & all expansions (Michael Curtis)
Anomalous Subsurface Environment 1, 2 & 3 (Patrick Wetmore)
Dwimmermount (James Maliszewki, Alexander Macris & Tavis Allison) which will likely be combined/interconnected with:
Devilmount (Jack Shear's gonzo send-up of Dwimmermount)
The Darkness Beneath (mega-dungeon from the pages of “Fight On!" Magazine)
Castle Triskelion (mega-dungeon from the pages of “& Magazine”)
Castle Zagyg (Gary Gygax & Jeffrey P. Talanian), which will likely be combined and interconnected with either:
Castle of the Mad Archmage & expansions (by Joseph Bloch)
Greyhawk Ruins (1990, TSR)
Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (2007, WotC)

I'll be putting the adventuring party together over the coming days and weeks. March is a very busy month for me, so we'll likely do a "Session Zero" (Meet & Greet/CharGen) and begin the campaign proper in April.

Who's on board and what do you bring to the table?
Please message me directly if you're interested and feel free to ask any questions below!

*I will be accepting two stand-by/alternate Players for this campaign as well
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Greetings from the Dens! We are doing a huge sale on our mainstay, the Players Handbook, tomorrow (Saturday). For 24 hours, we are offering it at only $15 and that includes the PDF. A lot of you are fans of this page and may own it, but I would ask your help in getting new Crusaders into the fold by sharing it in your social media and helping us get the word out! Here's a link you can share:

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For all you secret adherents of the old ones...

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YARR!! Please give a looksee to our friend Bill's Kickstarter going on now. Great guy and a great Kickstarter!

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+Tim Burns, the version of Bluffside on DTRPG is over a year behind on getting the updated maps. Would you please check to see how this can get updated?

Tome of the Unclean. Please make these creatures worthy of high level play, and not keep them the whimps they currently are. If you want someone with a fair amount of experience running D&D type games into very high levels to give you some input, I volunteer.

+Ends Meet Productions and +Tim Burns

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Check out this review of Castles & Crusades!

Is anyone running a game in the Philadelphia area?
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